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Sp00nimations are a series of animated shorts on The Creature Hub written and voiced by Sp00n which features various of the Creatures' mascots. Each episode usually runs for about a minute.


The first Sp00nimation, titled "Bathroom", was uploaded on September 18, 2013. The video was about Creature Carl and Creature Coby having an argument over who can use the bathroom.


Name Date Uploaded Description Notes
Bathroom Sep 18, 2013 Creature Carl and Creature Coby have an argument over who can use the bathroom. The first Sp00nimation
Demo Reel Nov 30, 2013 Sp00n tries to get into voice acting by preparing his very first demo reel. Also shows Creature Cody and Creature Carl.
YOU FELL! Aug 15, 2014 You fell! I hope you broke your leg!!! Stars Creature Coby and Carl; Creature Craig can be seen hidden in the background.
The Cave Sep 21, 2014 Once you enter the cave... Tyler won't let you leave. Even to go play Halo. Stars Creature Craig
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