Spooky-Craft is a series played by ImmortalHD. The first episode had launched on April 18, 2012. Since then, the series had gained a lot of hype from fans everywhere. Immortal had mentioned several times that it should, and did, make his life "A living hell". It is one of his most popular series, and many Nobs want a season two. Immortal has pointed out that he does not want to make a season two because the first one was bad enough. He said that it would pretty much just be a repeat of season one, so it's pointless. 

The hype had increased greatly when the Spooky-Craft Finale's Trailer had been uploaded. The trailer had shown mass destruction as well as Immortal fighting for dear life. Finally, the finale had been uploaded. At this point in time, there are over 190,000 views, and over 10,000 likes. The fans' expectations had been reached in the epic proportions in the Spooky-Craft Finale, but has also left the fans wanting more.

Video Description

ImmortalHD sets forth on a journey throughout the lands of Minecraft where he is followed by a mysterious demon that not only haunts him, but completely disregards it's surroundings. On top of all that, mysterious statues appear in the distance which make his nightmare a living reality. Will he survive for 30 days and 30 nights without going completely insane? Hell if I know. Find out on this exciting episode of Spooky-Craft!


  1. I Am Alone!
  2. This Is My Nightmare!
  3. LOST!
  4. In The Beginning
  5. A New Nightmare Approaches!
  6. The Sahara!
  7. PETS!
  8. John and David!
  9. Divine Intervention
  10. The Golem
  11. The Stalker
  12. The Mines
  13. Ghast Away!
  14. The Child Souls!
  15. The Dead!
  16. The Ultimatum!
  17. The Lost Grounds!
  18. The Snow Caves!
  19. Don't Fear The Reaper!
  20. Flame War!
  21. JEFF
  22. The Queen
  23. Disaster City
  24. Gravel King
  25. The Invasion!
  26. The Giant
  27. Change
  28. The Lost Isles
  29. Dorps
  30. [Trailer]
  31. Finale!


The whole series had been modded by Steven, or SCMowns2. 

His channel: [

John Mod:

Weeping Angels:

Slender Man Mod:

Mutant Creepers:


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