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A picture of Stank Ass' ass

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Stank Ass was a memorable pet in Nova's Tri-Mountain Survival series. He is a tamed cat featured in the series for just four minutes before his death. Stank is notable for his brief time in the series, questionable intellect, and beginning a series of ongoing references throughout Nova's playthroughs.

Stank's BirthEdit

Stank Ass was a cat that was found roaming around the ice caps of Nova's Tri-Mountain world. As quickly as he could, Nova caught a fish, cooked it, and grabbed his medallion. He ran over to the cat (almost losing it) and fed him the fish. After a shout of success, Nova named his new cat, "Stank Ass." Stank Ass then derped his way on back to Nova's house. Nova put him down and began to make a bed for the cat.

Stank's (Sad) DeathEdit

While Nova was making the bed, Stank fell into his farm water. While thinking it was a one-time accident, Nova carried Stank out of the water, placed him back down, and continued his work. Stank then fell in the water again. Nova started getting suspicious and removed him once more. The process repeated until Stank walked into the water his final time. While Nova once again tried to pick him up, a so-called "glitch" occurred, which was actually a real feature of the cats, though unknown to Nova at the time. As quoted from the thread of Mo' Creatures, "Cats can also get annoyed if they don't find a litter box or a bed with food or milk. Once the cat is annoyed, it will chase the player and occasionally hurt him/her, and also can't be picked up, but after a while the cat's temper will improve." Because of this, Stank could not be removed from the water. Nova tried many times but Stank slowly drowned and died a horrible death.
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Stank Ass on Nova's back.


  • Although he only lived for four minutes, Stank was the biggest dumbass of all Nova's series and will be remembered as such.
  • Stank Ass had a son/cousin named Stank Ass II that made an earth creeper blow up in Nova's house. Stank Ass II later disappeared and made a shocking comeback.
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