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Stank Ass IV

Stank Ass IV from The Ex-Communicated Series.

Stank Ass IV is a cat named by Nova in his, Sly's and Seamus' The Ex-Communicated Series; it is the fourth Stank Ass in Minecraft.


His first appearance was on Ep. 29 of Ex-Comm from Nova's point of view. While exploring the world, Nova found a cat, tamed it and named it Stank Ass IV to continue the Stank Ass family. It is the first cat to have been given a litter box, and, much to Nova's annoyance, seems to use it much too often.

After a long hiatus from Ex-Comm, the guys returned and had to start a new world after the previous game file was lost, Stank Ass IV with it. Stank Ass IV will always be known as the one that never died and the one that got away.

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