Stevie Why or Dr. Stevie Why is/was an unofficial Creature. He is known for his stealth and his medical license of "blowing $#@% up". He had mostly played with Kootra. He was also really good friends with and played with Ex-Creatures Gassy and Junk. His channel is Jek1e


Kootra and Stevie were friends and made a small machinima series called "Dr. Stevie Why", where Stevie would heal teammates in ridiculous ways. He also appeared in a lot of Kootra's other Machinimas, such as Robot Donkey Chronicles and Payload. Kootra and him then did a knife-only veteran walkthrough of Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops mode. They finished it, but they only made 2 episodes. He recently hasn't done anything with the Creatures because he has joined the Army. He came back from the military but didn't do anything thing recording wise with the Creatures, but hung out with Jordan.


  • Stevie has a military background (Army).
  • In an episode of Creature Talk, Kootra and the Creatures were talking about how Kootra, Ze, and Stevie were the "original Creatures".
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