Due to the videos being now privete this list will not be finished.

This page is for all the characters that Aleks has met in his hit Dayz roleplay Survive.

Major CharactersEdit

Joseph BollandEdit

Appeared in THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT (episode 1) and DIESEL PLANT (episode 4)

Joseph is the first major character that Aleks met. He works for the Justice Department, he has a chilled but serious personality. Not much else is know about him yet.


Appeared in LEFT FOR DEAD (episode 2) - DIESEL PLANT  (episode 4)

Ruru is the second major character that Aleks met. He is from New Zealand along with Marshell.


Minor CharactersEdit

The RobberEdit

Apered in "LEFT FOR DEAD" (episode 2)

He robbed Aleks. Nothing else is know about him. Played by Danz.

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