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T-dog With Rick #2

T-Dog is the first of Nova's turtles to be seen by Nova in his Quad Mountain Survival series. He makes yet another appearance in The Ex-Communicated Series (Dragon Ball Z) where he lives on top of a village hut with Glidey McSnake.


He is named after a character of the same name from the television series the Walking Dead. Nova failed to tame T-Dog several times, which caused Nova to gain a hatred towards T-Dog. After Nova went through extreme lengths to try and tame T-Dog, he eventually located and tamed another turtle and named it Rick before actually taming T-Dog himself.

When returning to Nova's house, the three were attacked by a Lightning Creeper, resulting in Rick's death. T-Dog narrowly survived the attack. Nova claims that he cares more about Rick than T-Dog, saying that he wishes T-Dog died in the place of Rick. Nova expressed his hatred towards T-Dog even further by making his pen extremely narrow. When Nova relocated all of his turtles into a hole made by a Reverse Creeper he removed T-Dog from his small pen and let roam him free with the other turtles. Nova will occasionally insult T-Dog and blames him for anything bad that happens. Nova is planning to move T-Dog into the second floor of his house; alone.

When Nova came back to Quad Mountain Survival after a long hiatus, he decided to finally let T-Dog come on his adventures with him, since the character T-Dog from the Walking Dead died.

He eventually conquered the fourth mountain, but decided to leave T-Dog there, for unknown reasons. It was most likely because Nova did not feel like carrying him back home with him.


He has been brought back by Nova in episode 14 of Minecraft Ex-Comm Dragon Ball Z Mod . He was placed at one of the roofs in the village with Glidey McSnake and became huge.

In Episode 34  T-Dog tragically died while fighting the Ginyu Force, alongside Nova .