Tr4pville's title card
Tr4pville's title card
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February 9, 2013

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Danz Newz

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TR4PVILLE is a Machinima series currently being produced by the Creatures and their friend, Lemur.


  • W4DE - A katana wielding, blue Claptrap, described as a "Katana wielding psychopath". Played by Paragon Nova.
  • RO5CO - An orange Claptrap with an Australian accent, described as "Sexy, Slick, and Stupid". Played by Danz Newz.
  • CL4NKY - An old, green Claptrap, described as "He's Old....Like Ancient". Played by Kootra .
  • Medic - A white Claptrap who serves as a nurse, and doesnt get a title card or description. Played by SSoHPKC


The series opens with a group of Claptrap robots hunting a small Skag, but they fall over each other as they attempt to kill it. The Skag escapes, leaving the Claptraps alone. W4DE, a hot-headed, blue, katana wielding Claptrap, and RO5CO, an unintelligent Australian Claptrap, get into a heated argument and prepare to fight, but are stopped by a Medic who tells them that one of the Claptraps is dead. . The Medic complains that he didn't get an introductory title card, which RO5CO says is reserved for main characters. CL4NKY, an old, beat-up Claptrap jumps out intending to attack the now-escaped Skag, and is yelled at by W4DE. W4DE goes on to say that he is the only competent one in the group. CL4NKY spots the Skag from before, who has returned with Mama Skag, a huge, aggresive Skag. The Claptraps panic and run.

Season 1

0. Pilot - Aired 02/09/13

1. Founding

2. The Firm

3. The Vote

4. Trapbowl

5. Taken

6. An Old Friend

Notes & Trivia.

  • It has been stated by James that his character, W4DE, will gain powers at some unknown point in the series.
  • In the pilot episode, floating spears can be seen in the background at around 1:21. These are leftovers of an earlier POV shot that weren't taken out. It was revealed by Kootra in the livestream that this was accidental.
  • Through Twitter, Jordan predicted that there will be 6 episodes every season for 3 seasons, each being about 5 minutes in length.
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