gassy you are the best

Gassy isnt a Creature anymore.[edit source]

As of the moment I post this comment GassyMexican is no longer a creature.

-Seamus voted no in the vote

-Nova said that kicking Max out wouldn't help the creatures.

-From Ze's formspring: "It's disappointing. I didn't make a decision to kick him out because I'm not in Colorado and therefore don't know the day to day interactions between them. I'm afraid of what this will do to the group and it doesn't look good so far. I'm still going to be friends with Max.

It came to a vote between everyone and I was undecided. They took it as a No.


-Rest is unknown.

-Dan and Jordan having the problem with Gassy (Max) would be the ones to vote a yes

-Sly voted a yes i think because he said he didnt want the group to tear even more (please clairify if wrong)

-Sly did vote yes. But I think he did it more for the sake of thecreaturehub and fans than for the group it's self. You can go to the Ex-Creature page on the Wiki if you want to see who voted for what. This is sad.

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