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The 360 Avatar Title Card

The 360 Avatar was a Machinima series made by Danz, it was one of his first Machinimas. The series involves his avatar from the Xbox 360 doing impressions or improvisations based on outfits or indie games.


The series started strong with Danz making fun of or playing with outfits available for the Xbox avatar. It was well received and he continued until 2009 when Dan stated that he will make new episodes when he got a Kinect. He did get a Kinect, but during the Creature Stream, one milestone was a new episode for The 360 Avatar. After that, Danz said he will do it again when he goes to the Creature House.

On October 17, 2013 In an update Dan revealed he would be making a finale for the 360 Avatar, with a planned release date in November or December 2013. He wanted to give a "good send off" since it basically started his YouTube career and success. However, if there is an avatar for Xbox One, he will start a spinoff Machinima series for it.

The finale was uploaded on October 4, 2014 almost a year since its anouncement.


  • Danz pointed out that there are two versions of Bioshock 2 in the marketplace a year ago, and it was never fixed. This has been a regular gag in the series and was still this way in the finale.