The Boring Crew is a group consisting of Kootra, Danz, Sly and Seamus, that first appeared in TreeTopia. They first appeared in the 14th recording session, and they got named (by Seamus and the fans) in the 15th session.


Some Critters complained when the 14th session didn't have Nova or Immortal, the Creatures saw this and said about the complaints, Seamus came up with the name "The Boring Crew" since then they have named themselves other things such as: THE LAPIS CREW and The Dymond Crew.

Outside of TreeTopia

The Creatures have since used the term "Boring Crew" to describe other groups of Creatures outside of TreeTopia. Dan and Jordan call themselves the boring stream crew, since they get the least amount of views. Aleks, Seamus, and Jordan are self proclaimed as the boring crew of Creature Talk, as well as "Dark Souls Talk".


  • James, Aleks, Kevin (after TreeTopia), Dex (after TreeTopia), Sp00n and Ze are the only Creatures not to be a part of a boring crew.
    • James is most likely not because he is the loudest and the most popular of the group.


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