The Creature Crawl is a move in any game (but mostly Call of Duty) where a person goes prone and repeatedly switches between their weapons in a rapid manner.


The crawl first originated in between filming of the Robot Donkey Chronicles for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, along with the term "Creature" itself. During this period, PhsycoSoldier began rapidly pressing Y, making him switch weapons. The crawl looked very strange, which prompted Stg. Bisking to call him a "creature". Kootra later dubbed the move the "Creature Crawl".


  • Kootra is the one that does the move the most.
  • All of the current main Creatures (except Aleks and Dex) have performed the move at least once.
  • There is also a song that must be performed while doing it: "Do the Creature, do the Creature...", repeated while someone repeatedly says "Dat ass".
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