The Creature Hub

The Creature Hub was the official site of the Creatures that was started in March of 2011. The Creature Hub was administrated by Aron, and included the official Creature forums, the Creature Talk livestream, and the iTunes link for the podcast.

After a long hiatus of no traffic or usage of the site, it was closed down. The site was not relaunched until March 19, 2015. However, traffic on the site slowly diminished after the first month.


  • Prior to opening, people visiting would receive a 404 page with a giant picture of Creature Carl stating, "What the Brown? Something appears broken!".
  • While many of the updates were poorly added, Pancakes and Top would occasionally make a solution in the coding, resulting in lots of laughs and then a few minutes of frantic recoding to fix the problem.
  • When looking for URLs, some other ideas were:, and
  • On the fifth of November 2013 the website was hacked and made to redirect any visitors to a Twitter page.
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