To become an admin you must follow these requirements, be an actual Creature or be asked by either those70sfans or another admin, however if needed, the wiki team will hold out applications.

  • Never been Banned (if you've had, please explain why you deserve it).
  • Have enough edits (we will decide).
  • Must know of the Creatures.
  • You must have decent communication skills. If it is a bitch and a half to get a hold of you, (especially when it is the first impression), you have close to no chance.

How to apply

Direct messige us or tweet us @TheCreatureWiki. The more information you give, and the more experience and credibility the more likely you are to be appointed adminship.


This is a basic template to send in the email to help make it easier:

  • Username/User URL:
  • Contributing for how long:
  • Number of edits:
  • Age:
  • Time Zone:
  • How do you know of the Creatures?
  • Other reasons or qualifications as to why you should be admin:
  • Besides the Creatures wiki, do you follow other sources of Creatures information? I.e. Creature hub website, Creature Talk, etc.

(Age will not affect chances, but younger users will have to display maturity and responsibility)


Being an admin will grant you the ability to edit protected pages and ban people if they do not follow our policies. You can also be granted special abilities that can be admitted through the admin dashboard.

  • Note: Adminship can and will be revoked if abuse of privileges is apparent. Just because you are an admin does not mean you can behave inappropriately toward users.

Abusive Admins

If you think admins are abusing their powers, please feel free to contact another admin. Please contact us if you have a problem.

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