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  • Making changes to the Wiki. Link (7/22/2013)
  • Two open positions. link (11/28/11)
  • About small/relevant pages. (11/7/11)
  • Extremely important, please read! Link (10/28/11)
  • Why you guys are so damn awesome! Click me! (10/6/11)
  • We need you help plox! Linky link (8/14/11)
  • Now taking Admin applications! More info (7/31/11)
  • All pages will be locked for the day. This is due to possible griefing due to Creature Talk. :p (6/13/11)
  • We're releasing FOUR new pages to the public! Cynthia, Rig, Tree Fortress, Chilled and Ze's Excellent Minecraft Adventure. (6/9/11)
  • Final post about becoming an admin. (6/9/11)
  • Big changes happening! - Link (6/9/11)
  • Anyone considering applying to be an admin needs to read this! - Link (6/8/11)
  • You can all edit now! Sort of? - More info (6/7/11)
  • Because I love you guys ♥ I am allowing you all to have access to the MinecraftWb page. You should all be able to edit it. We have talked a lot about it and we are going to trust you with this page. Don't let us down. (6/7/11)
  • I'd appreciate if people could take a few moments to read my blog posts explaining a few things to the community. Blog post (6/7/11)
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