Our policies are short and simple, and are in place to create a sense of order. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in disciplinary action at the behest of an admin. You can be banned for a year so think carefully before you click the edit button! Lesser infractions will merit a temporary ban; blatant vandalism will earn a long-term ban.


  • CITE/SOURCE any information found and provided by linking, and/or screenshots, and videos. Especially information regarding factual information of the Creatures and affiliates.
    • If you are going to edit a page, please know what you are talking about since griefing can be just as harmful when it is unintentional.
    • Do not make up info or use anything fan made that hasn't been used by the Creatures.
    • Please make sure that your link is trust worthy.
  • Don't attempt to make edits or pages without knowing who the Creatures are.
  • When you make a page, please make it related to the Creatures (e.g The Tree Fortress and Brown).


  • When creating pages, attempt to keep in the structure of introduction paragraph or sentence, history paragraph, bio/summary paragraph and trivia section.
  • There should be a maximum of THREE trivia points on a Creature's personal page, the rest should be appropriately placed on their specialized trivia page.
  • Article talk pages are there to help with a page. Give your opinion, ask a question, or suggest a change to the article. If your comment adds nothing to an article, or is in any way rude/ obnoxious/ offensive/ just pointless, it will be removed. Depending on how severely you break this rule you may be banned.


  • Do not harass other editors or wiki users in any way.
  • Although you can be banned for violating our policies, ultimately the decision of banning is up to the admins. If you think you were wrongfully banned, please feel free to contact us about it.
  • No griefing or vandalizing pages, otherwise you will be blocked.
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