During the week of Valentines Day the Creatures had special Valentine themed streams announced on Creature Talk.

NovaHD (2/11/14)Edit

This stream is noteworthy for James going 'all out' to impress Aleks with gifts and suprises.

Immortal's GiftsEdit

  • A rose, that contained a rolled up red thong within its petals, which Aleks tried on then ripped.
  • A 'balloon guy' that James hired to Aleks' and the audience's great surprise, who served as entertainment, cracking jokes and giving Aleks a motorcycle made of balloons.
  • A huge heart-shaped box of chocolates. Aleks said he didn't like chocolate, and only ate one, which resulted in James eventually throwing the box at Aleks and spilling all the chocolates over the floor.
  • A McDonald's gift card.
  • A 'dinner date' complete with a table, candles, plastic cutlery, pretzels, and unknown 'food'.

Aleks and the 'Balloon Guy'

Games PlayedEdit

(needs filling in)

The stream ended with James reading an erotic fanfiction about him and Aleks called 'Sex on the Beach' (despite there being no beach referenced in the story). It was decided that the events of that night were too graphic for James to make a Post-Stream Diddly-Doodle.

KootsNewz (2/13/14)Edit

Jordan and Dan spent their stream playing Grand Theft Auto V to show the audience the new Valentine's Day update, which included a new weapon, car, attires, jobs, and skydiving spots. Jordan also announced four new shirts (Group drawing, SlyPKC, KootsNewz, and NovaHD). And Dan spent a majority of the stream dressed up in a bear suit. This also featured Jordan at possibly his angriest and most frustrated, as he repeatedly got a DNF (Did Not Finish) on his races in GTA V,gayyprompting the chat to repeatedly type DNF until the end of the race. In the end, he managed to get in 4th and 7th, breaking his DNF streak. JORDAN ADD

SlyPKC (2/16/14)Edit

Seamus and Sly spent a majority of the stream trying to obtain the "Daichi D."


  • Kootra stated during his and Dan's live stream they may repeat the format for holiday streams in the future.
  • There seems to be a large fan debate over which of James and Aleks' streams were better: the Valentine's Day one or the Balsamic Vinaigrette stream.
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