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The Creatures "A Precious Child" Charity Stream was a stream to support the Colorado charity "A Precious Child," which provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential.

The stream was successful at reaching and surpassing its original charity goal of $15,000 with the final results topping $20,000.


The stream took place on July 26th, 2014. It lasted for 8 hours and raised over $22,000 for charity. Highlights of the stream included Nova dying his hair pink and his beard blonde, Kootra giving away his hat, Danz giving away his mask, Aleks waxing his legs, Balsamic Vinegar Beer Pong, and Seamus' hair selling for over $85,000 on eBay. To date, it has been confirmed by The Creatures that the eBay transaction never took place and that the bidding was most likely due to overexcited fans.


Charity Stream MilestonesEdit

  • * denotes a milestone that was also filmed separately and uploaded to the Hub.
Amount Donated Milestone Reached or not
$1,000 Seamus donates his hair Reached
$2,000 BatDanz mask giveaway Reached
$4,000 Nova dyes his hair pink* Reached
$6,000 Kootra Hat giveaway Reached
$8,000 Aleks waxes his legs* Reached
$10,000 Everyone eats a giant gummy* Reached
$15,000 Balsamic Vinaigrette Beer Pong* Reached
Stretch Goals
$17,000 Spencer eats a bunch of Warheads* Reached
$19,000 Dan waxes his chest* Reached
$21,000 Nova bleaches beard* Reached
$23,000 Snorting Fun Dip Not Reached
$25,000 Snorlax & Optimus mask giveaway Not Reached
$27,000 Dog shock collar Not Reached
$30,000 Kootra says the F-word Not Reached



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