The Drunk Series is a series by Seamus in which he plays video games while intoxicated.


Long ago and far away, Seamus played a few episodes worth of Mafia 2 while

Titlecard for the first episode

under the influence and has since gotten requests to play games drunk again. Seamus was also inspired by the drunken livestreams made by Diction and requests for drunken gameplays aimed towards Nova.

Seamus has said that he doesn't condone drinking for no reason or drinking alone, but played Killing Floor on his own due to other potential players being asleep.

Killing FloorEdit

Due to it being a game that Seamus has admitted he is good at and one that he has put a lot of time into, his first segment of The Drunk Series is on Killing Floor. His aim was to see if he would be as good while drunk and see if it's funny at all.

Seamus plays Killing Floor much the same drunk as he does sober, aside from a tendency to not notice when he is low on health, questionable aiming and, most prominent in the first episode, penchant for repeating himself over and over again. However, he still exhibits more logic than other players such as his being the only player wearing armor in the first game.

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