David Gustave

The Gay David Gustave Anthologies is a series of cassette tapes made by Nova for the purpose of self help.


Nova has claimed that he listens to his own recordings in order to benefit himself. Despite the tapes being branded as self help, they actually contain very down-putting messages about being worthless and a terrible person and life will continue to get worse. The tapes are divided into sections of breaking you down then a recovery phase to build you up better, Nova himself does not use the recovery part of the tapes, only the breaking part.

Even though Nova seemily hasn't released the tapes for others to use, the tapes still recommend the listener to pay four easy payments of $2000.00. Apparently the tapes can be bought on the black market.

Sly says that he downloaded the anthologies from MegaUpload before it was shut down. The anthologies are endorsed by Seamus who highly recommends the use of the tapes and uses them often.

The tapes are named and based on a hard time in David Gustave's life in which he didn't know a lot about himself and he may have had a gay phase.

Nova has also used David Gustave during the 24 hour Creature livestream, when he began sending telegrams and singograms to random people, stating he was David Gustave, the "Jason Statham" of telograms/singograms.

It was claimed by Danz that Nova's tape's copyright is owned and they are distributed by Rick's company GovOrg Industries in Hershel's Land: Episode 71.

Life lessonsEdit

  • "Find yourself. Find your inner self. Realize that your inner self sucks. Throw your inner self away and start a different self."
  • "Do you feel like you are worthless? Is your life really not meaningless? The truth is that it is meaningless, and until you learn to accept this, things will only get worse."
  • "Seclude yourself from everyone around you. Make sure they don't know your true feelings. Put on a fake persona for them and smile."
  • To compliment farts.
  • "Life sucks. You're miserable. Rightfully so, because you're a loser."
  • "Your life sucks, deal with it. It will always suck. That's just life."
  • "IF you love Jason Statham, your life will be so much better."
  • "Swag"


During The Ex-Communicated Series, Nova commented that he was saying a lot of interesting and strange things and claimed that it was his tapes that made him question them.

Minecraft The Ex-Communicated Series w Nova, SSoHPKC & Slyfox Ep

Minecraft The Ex-Communicated Series w Nova, SSoHPKC & Slyfox Ep.46 - Self Worth

The origin of the tapes

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