This is a list of The Glidey Mc Family.

Glidey McHorseEdit

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Glidey McHorse was the first family member, he was Seamus' first pet to be named Glidey Mc[Something], he was tamed in The Ex-Communicated Series.

Glidey McBirdEdit

Glidey McBird is the cousin of Glidey McHorse (as stated in this video) and pet of Seamus during the Ex-Communicated series.

Whilst Nova was in the caves, Seamus and Sly were on the ground looking for their houses, when they came across two birds, the two tamed them and Sly showed Seamus how to glide with them. However, the server confused this with flying which is against the server rules, so the two were kicked. When Sly came back he had his bird, but when Seamus came back, Glidey McBird was dead. Seamus had thought that Sly killed his bird and Nova backed it up, so Seamus tried to kill Sly's. This failed as Sly, and his bird was killed in a Creeper explosion.

Glidey McGoat and Goaty McGlideEdit

Glidey McGoat is a parody of Glidey McHorse, a pegasus owned by Seamus in The Ex-Communicated Series, Goaty McGlide is a parody of the parody. It is unknown what relation they have with Glidey McHorse.

Glidey McGoat was tamed in the Ex-Communicated series by Seamus. He, along with Sly and Nova, decided to use him as a garbage can, since he ate everything they gave him. Later, Seamus tamed another goat and named it Goaty McGlide.The two goats are trapped in their house, and are not allowed outside. Both were deleted due to map changes.

Glidey McSnakeEdit

Glidey McSnake is a pet snake tamed by Seamus in Ex-Comm: Dragon Block Z

He is a green long snake and first appeared in episode 4. To protect Glidey from other mobs, Seamus put him at the top of a house. He took a little damige by a cat but is still known to be alive.

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