The HUB is a weekly series that is exclusive to the main channel, The Creature Hub. This series covers anything and everything involving the hub and the Creatures, and it will keep the Creature fans in the loop for what is going on in the office and with the Creatures' individual channels. The series also goes over merchandise, fan mail, and other things that go on in the office. Sometimes there are skits integrated into The HUB videos for added entertainment.


"Welcome to The Hub, a once a week series which puts you, The Creatures Fans, in the loop for everything going on at the office and in the Creature Community."


Note: Segments vary per episode.

Regular Segments

Video Hub

This segment features a Creature promoting three videos that the audience should check out. This usually includes one video from the Creature Hub channel.

Fan Mail Hub

The Creatures look through fan mail they receive and read letters, look through packages, and see what the fans have sent them.

Green Hub

This segment shows off fan-created content of one of the Creatures in front of a green screen. On Mondays, the Creatures give the green-screened picture to use, and on Friday the fan-submitted creations are featured.

Recurring Segments

Fan Art Hub

This segment covers fan and user-submitted art that the Creatures receive.

Giveaway Hub

This segment involves the fans competing in a contest of sorts in order to win prizes, such as a copy of Far Cry 4 (in the first giveaway).

Merch Hub

This segment covers any new Creature merchandise, such as Creature pajama pants and beanies, that are now for sale.

Prank Hub

Much like what the name implies, this segment will be the main point for pranks and mischievous jokes among the Creatures and employees at the office.

Q&A Hub

This is a segment where the Creatures will pick out a few questions the fans may ask via the comment section of the videos, Twitter, Facebook, or on Reddit, and they will go over and answer them.

Random Hub

This segment will show random clips of, as the name of the segment implies, random events and anything going on in the office that happens to be recorded.

Travel Hub

The Travel Hub segment depicts the highlights of a trip, such as the X Games in Aspen, that some of the Creatures attended.

Weapon Hub

Stemming from the Mail Hub, the Weapon Hub is a segment that depicts the different weapons that the Creatures receive in the mail, such as knives and katanas.

Shock Hub

Similar to Prank Hub, this segment has occurred twice. It involves some sort of electric shock being used on the creatures.

Other/One time Segments

  • 1InaMil Hub
  • Aron Hub
  • Battle Hub
  • Easter Hub
  • Hospital Hub
  • Joe Hub
  • Music Hub
  • Pax East Hub
  • Sled Hub
  • Time Hub
  • Star Wars Hub
  • James Gag Segments (See Gallery)




James Gag Segments

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