Spore with Kootra

Thumbnail from one of Kootra's videos.

The Legend of the Browntiles is a Spore series created by Kootra where he sets off to create a highly intelligent race of creatures.


While looking through EA's online store, Kootra noticed that Spore was on sale for 5 dollars. Buying it, he considered recording the game his first time playing it. He created a strange species named the "Browntiles" and made efforts to create the perfect race of brown reptiles. The series lasted 46 episodes, and was well received on his channel at the time.


  • Browntile is a mix of Brown and the species "reptile".
  • The Browntiles were originally called the "Wrexacats", a pun towards Kootra's cat Wrex.


Spore w/ Kootra Playlist

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