Kootra Thor

Thor is an alter ego of Kootra, who was introduced during the 24-Hour LiveScream.

History Edit

Thor has been insulted for how bad he looks on camera. This is stated by Seamus. Kootra also agreed, although he said his cape was "awesome". He is most notably known for playing Smite during the 24-Hour LiveScream, where he lost.

Other ThorsEdit

Other versions of Thor have appeared in Creature videos.

  • Hobo Thor, a "hobo" version of Thor, where Kootra just added Uncle Tommy's Hair and Beard.
  • Movie Thor, another version that Koots portrayed in the improvised Short at the begining of "Creatures go see Thor: The Dark World."
  • Asgard Thor, another version that Kootra used in his and Nova's Minecraft series.


  • He looks terrible when he's being recorded, except for his cape, which is awesome.
  • He wanted to and did play Smite during the live stream. He did lose and everyone got mad.
  • Thor is also Kootra's favorite Avenger.
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