Tommy Wii Show Alien is an alter ego of Nova, who was introduced during the 24-Hour LiveScream.

History Edit

The Alien is mostly known for chatting to many of the Creature fans on Omegle alongside Kootra, Danz, Seamus, and Gassy. He liked to shout at everyone he saw and he always took a screen capture of them. He stated this was to make a collage of faces, but we can't really be too sure of his real motives.


  • He went on Omegle a lot to talk to many of the fans.
  • Almost everyone he saw was shouted at and insulted. He also took pictures of most of them. Some people were either too ugly or he forgot.
  • Nobody knows his real reason for the pictures. He says they will be made into a collage, but you can't trust aliens.
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