Top Object's YouTube picture.

Drew "Top Object" is a friend of the Creatures. However, he has not uploaded any videos since March of 2013. He is most known for his help in the griefing of other servers along with Danz, Kootra, and ex-Creature, Gassy Mexican.


Top started his work in the Machinima industry by making, as a gift for Ken and his work behind the KEN campaign. Shortly following completion of the website he and Ken lost touch, though Top made good friends with ItzThaZodiac.

Zodiac (a friend of Top) introduced Top to Paintball Kitty , with Kitty located in Hawaii, and Top in Australia, the two of them hit it off and became, if not friends, then people who liked to mutually insult one another.

After playing Black Ops with Kitty and Zodiac, Kitty introduced Top to Gassy Mexican as "Some Douchebag from Australia." while playing Halo Reach. Following plenty of shenanigans and lols, a friendship between Top and the Creatures started to form.  Though he does play with the Creatures occassionally, he has never asked for their support with his channel. Prefering to enjoy playing with friends then forward himself in the industry.

Top has helped the creatures on a few occasions. The main being setting up and maintaining and recording of the Creature Talk when it was first put on Itunes.

He has also helped out in a few Machinima's including building the "MLGCRAFT" sign for the Real Gassy Machinima, and playing the neighbour in the E3 Skit for Kootra to name a few.

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