Toxic Termite is an acquaintance of the Creatures and other YouTubers.
Derpy Mario

Toxic's usual profile pic


Toxic plays with Creatures and many other famous YouTubers, however it's rare to see him in a video now. He started playing with Seamus first in 2011, and led on to other people. Toxic is a Mod in most of the Creatures' livestreams, like Nova'sKootra's, and Sp00n's. He does play with them quite often when they play in public servers. He also seems to get top comment on videos as stated by ImmortalHD.

History with the CreaturesEdit

Toxic first started playing with Seamus in 2010, then gradually began playing with the rest of the Creatures. He said that he plays with them to have fun and surround himself with funny people. Toxic normally plays on servers that Nova and Immortal are playing on, including TF2, Killing Floor, or Garry's Mod. Nova mostly knows him from his 2011 Killing Floor stream, once telling Toxic when they were in the same server, "Get back to Killing Floor, Toxic!". Toxic has made minor contributions to the Creatures, like creating their PS3 Theme.


  • He has a 6 year old impostor, causing many people to believe that Toxic is a "squeaker".
  • Has also played in servers with Chilled and his friends, but not anymore.
  • He met the Creatures in real life.
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