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Toy Chest is a toy review series on the main hub channel. It premiered in 2015 and is hosted by Kootra (with occasional cameos from Nova, ImmortalHD, and other Creatures) and camera work from Spencer and Intern Joe.


Each episode consists of a new toy or group of toys being "tested" based on the actions it's said to preform on the box. The tests range from seeing how durable the toy is, how well the toys work, or simply how easy it is to remove it from its packaging. After the "testing" is finished, Jordan gives the toys a final rating (on a scale from one to five toy chests), and the episode is usually wrapped up with James smashing the toys to pieces.



Episode Description Rating (out of 5 Toy Chests)
RC BIRD : Air Hogs FireWing Jordan, Dex, and Spencer test out how well the FireWing flies. 1 Toy Chest
EXPLODING AMMO : Xploderz Mayhem Jordan, James, and Spencer review a gatling gun-style toy with fish egg-styled ammo. 2 Toy Chests
AI QUAD COPTER : Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Jordan, James, and Spencer see how many flips the Helix X4 can do and how high it can fly. 5 Toy Chests
BOW DUELS : Air Storm Firetek Bow Jordan and James shoot each other with toy arrows shot from the Firetek bow. 3 Toy Chests
Good Biscuit : FurReal Friends My Walking Pup Jordan, Aleks, and Spencer test out the realism of the Walking Pup. 6 Toy Chests
HUGE DARTS : Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion Jordan and Spencer attack Aleks, Aron, and a ninja with Nerf guns. 3 Toy Chests
TRANSFORMER RIPOFF : Maisto Tech R/C Street Trooper Jordan and Spencer play with a Transformers knockoff toy. 4 Toy Chests
BOB : Minions Movie Talking Collectible Jordan and Spencer attempt to get the toy Minion to talk and do other toy things. 1 Toy Chest
Motor Bike Launcher : MXS Ultimate Stunt Ramp Jordan and Spencer launch a toy motorcycle into a shoddy foam pit, and into the other Creatures in the office. 1 Toy Chest
Star Wars Toy Extravaganza Jordan, James, Spencer, and Intern Joe play with a multitude of Star Wars themed toys. 5 (Millennium Falcon), 1 (Crossbow), 3 (AT-AT), 1 (TIE), 2 (X-Wing)
LETS COOK - Easy Bake Oven Ultimate Jordan, James, Dan, and Spencer attempt to bake cookies with the Easy Bake oven. 1 Toy Chest
LAUNCH - UFO Destroyer Jordan and Spencer shoot toy darts at a toy UFO. 2 Toy Chests
OFFICE RAID - Nerf Rival Zeus Jordan assaults the office yet again with another, semi-auto Nerf gun. 4 Toy Chests
FART MACHINE - MiP Robot Jordan, James, and Intern Joe play with an MiP robot and see how well it maneuvers, carries things, and farts. 3 Toy Chests
AVENGER GUNS - Marvel Flying Heroes Jordan and Aron shoot each other with Marvel Flying Heroes toys. 4 Toy Chests
SPIDER ROBOT - Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone Jordan and Spencer assemble a Nerf droid and assault the hallways of the office. 5 Toy Chests
SO MANY DARTS - Boom Co Rapid Madness Jordan shoots numerous darts at James and Aron, who in turn add lots of censoring to the video. 4 Toy Chests
OLAF SINGAGRAM - Frozen Ultimate Olaf | Christmas Special Jordan plays with Olaf, listens to him sing, and watches him get abused by the office. 3 Toy Chests
SMASH SPREE - R/C Hulk Smash | Christmas Special Jordan and James play with the R/C Hulk Smash and see how dysfunctional it can get. 1 Toy Chest
RAGING ROBOTIC DINO - MiPosaur | Christmas Special Jordan, James, and Intern Joe play with a robotic dinosaur and try to keep James under control. 4 Toy Chests
DART EXTRAVAGANZA - Nerf Gun Collection | Christmas Special Jordan unwraps multiple Nerf guns and tests each one on cup targets, Intern Joe, and Dex. 3 1/2 Toy Chests
HOVER TIME - Sky Viper Drones | Christmas Special Jordan unboxes three drones and sends them flying throughout the office. 4 Toy Chests
EPIC CHASE ACTION - Hot Wheels Escape from Jakku Jordan, Dan, and Spencer attempt to attack toy TIE Fighters with a toy Millennium Falcon. 2 Toy Chests
GNARLY TRICKS - Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Jordan and Intern Joe try to pull off some gnarly tricks with Tony Hawk Circuit Boards. 3 Toy Chests
THE ULTIMATE FIGHT - Batman v Superman Merch Jordan dons the mask an the cape to fight for justice in the office. 2 Toy Chests


Rating # of Toys
5+ out of 5 1
5 out of 5 3
4 out of 5 6
1/2 out of 5 1
3 out of 5 6
2 out of 5 4
1 out of 5 5
Total Toys Tested and Rated 29


  • In the episodes, Jordan is called the "Toy Expert", as he is the person usually reviewing the toys.
  • James is given the title "Axemaster" (and later "Destroyer of Toys") because of his tendency to destroy toys (sometimes with an axe) after several episodes.
  • Spencer is given the title "Assistant" because of his camerawork and assistance with the series.
    • Aleks is also called "Assistant" in the FurReal Friends episode.
  • Each person who appears in an episode is also given a title, usually referring to a running gag related to that person.
    • Dan is given the title "Bat Guy".
    • Aleks is given the title "Russian CSGO Pro".
    • Aron is given the title "Dum Dum Consumer".
    • Intern Joe is given the title "Former Chicken".
    • Dex is given the title "English Goon".
  • James makes cameos in many episodes dressed as different characters. So far he has been a ninja, Gumby, a man with boxing gloves and a mask, and the Hulk.
    • Aleks has made a cameo as a man with boxing gloves and a Batman mask.
    • Dan has made a cameo as Walter White in an episode.
  • Jordan calls the Helix X4 the first successful toy, and he and James give it the first 5 Toy Chests rating.
  • Although the most Toy Chests a toy can earn are 5, the FurReal Friends Dog received a 6 out of 5 Toy Chests, and is the only toy to have done so.
  • In the MXS Ultimate Stunt Ramp Toy Chest, Jordan gives James' John Cena toy a 3 Toy Chests rating.

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