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Toy Chest is a toy review series on the main hub channel. It premiered in 2015 is hosted by Kootra, with occasional cameos from Nova and ImmortalHD, as well as camera work from Spencer. Each episode consists of a new toy being "tested" based on the actions it's said to preform on the box, whether it be how durable the toy is, or simply how easy it is to remove it from its packaging. After the "testing" is finished, Jordan gives the toy a final rating (on a scale from zero toy chests to five toy chests), and the episode is usually wrapped up with James smashing it to pieces.


  1. RC BIRD : Air Hogs FireWing | Toy Chest
  2. EXPLODING AMMO : Xploderz Mayhem | Toy Chest
  3. AI QUAD COPTER : Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt | Toy Chest
  4. BOW DUELS : Air Storm Firetek Bow | Toy Chest
  5. Good Biscuit : FurReal Friends My Walking Pup | Toy Chest
  6. HUGE DARTS : Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion | Toy Chest
  7. TRANSFORMER RIPOFF : Maisto Tech R/C Street Trooper | Toy Chest
  8. BOB : Minions Movie Talking Collectible | Toy Chest
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