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TreeTopia Thumbnail
Channels Creature Hub
Series Start August 6, 2013
Series End June 27, 2014
Participants UberHaxorNova
No. of Episodes 121 (+ 5 specials)
No. of Sessions 28

For related information see: TreeHouse.

TreeTopia (also known as "TreeBoot/TreeSet") was the fourth installment in the "TreeHouse series", which was known to be one of the longest running and most well known series.


The idea for TreeTopia was introduced by James, who wanted to bring back the TreeHouse series. They decided to launch it as a Creature Hub exclusive, meaning no POV's on the Creatures' individual channels. The series started as building individual houses and one communal tree, but soon evolved into a series full of sabotage, griefing, insults, and violence. The series has still been popular with the fans since its debut.


First World

During the first session, Kootra, Aleks, Nova, Seamus, Sly, and Dan started making their main Creature tree. Dan was told to make a house for everyone to sleep in overnight. However, no one liked the house, and it was renamed the "Shit-Shack". It was not long until Kootra started working on his own tree and Sly "started his own let's play". Then all of the Creatures (excluding Dan) went cave exploring. The next session, their server was griefed and they tried to recreate the main Creature tree and their own personal trees to a degree. It was also during this time Seamus started making his treehouse near Kootra's treehouse. Then Dan and Sly started building as well. Meanwhile, Nova, who was up to no good, made an arrow trap for Aleks. Fortunately for Aleks, Seamus was on the verge of death and unluckily was the first to step on the trigger and died by the trap Nova had laid. Then Aleks started working on his "five star hotel" and had to deal with Sly's and Nova's attempts to grief it. Soon, Seamus burnt down Aleks' hotel, which then caused him to go on a grief rage, start killing everyone, and then detonate TNT inside the main Creature treehouse (Nova's house).

James' Funny diary entry

In the next session Kootra started a hitman service. Nova, being MLG, hired by Kootra to assassinate Aleks for 10 pieces of iron. In retaliation, Aleks hired Sly to kill both Nova and Kootra, to which both of them complained about how Sly was a 'dirty' hitman by teleporting to his targets. Meanwhile, Dan was working his wheat farm and was the only one not involved in the "Creature Cold War" . Finally Sly went on a purge and killed all of the other Creatures except for Jordan, who gave him his iron to survive due to someone (Jordan) taking his iron from his shop. Luckily for everyone else, the sun was up before Sly could finish his purge.

In the next session, after Sly found out they were living on an island with limited resources, he went on an adventure to find new land. Sly was able to find a huge chunk of land and, along with Nova (who teleported), went exploring and committed genocide to the pigs to take their meat (Nova later abused and hanged pigs with rope in the next episodes). Meanwhile, Aleks added to his hotel and expanded it. After a while Sly got bored and teleported back to the main island with Nova still stuck on the new land and basically defenseless. He finally decided to start mining and eventually found diamonds. Sly, on the other hand, made a Nether portal and an enchantment table, but did not allow anyone to use it. In the end Nova teleported back and, along with Kootra, was allowed a stay in Aleks' resort.

One of TreeTopia's darker moments

In the fifth session of TreeTopia, Sp00n joined Kootra, Nova, and Dan as they prepared to go the Nether (without Sly's permission). Sp00n did not actually go to the Nether, much to Nova's dismay, and instead built a sand castle/house. The session is also notable for Nova building his Torture Emporium to hang his animals and making the Ender Chest.

In the sixth and last session, Sly trolled Nova by putting a bunch of trees around the communal tree. Then Dan started a forest fire that destroyed a huge amount of trees. Sly also threatened the others with his many Iron Golems.

In the MineCon Creature Panel, Sly's tree was destroyed by Kootra, Aleks, and Nova for "taking advantage" of them. Unknown to Sly, the group had recorded together while he was away. As part of their panel the Creatures showed Jordan, Aleks, and James griefing and destroying the Deku Tree with TNT, shortly followed by the Aleksandr Resort and the Communal Tree. After Sly had calmed down, Jordan confirmed he had backed up the map and the Deku Tree was safe.

Second World

The group (including Seamus) reappeared next session, confused and irate, finding themselves on an unfamiliar map. Jordan sheepishly admitted to not backing up the map before the events of Sly's Minecon Suprise, but advertised the fact that the world was now 1.7 and amplified. The rest of the group turned on him, with James appointing himself 'supervisor' to Jordan, forcing him to make a Creature Carl statue as punishment.

"What the fuck dude."

Sly moved into a swamp biome to make a farm, and James and Aleks became neighbors in a desert biome. Dan made yet another shit-shack, leaving Seamus to be the only one to actually make a treehouse. Dan chose to make Jordan a house out of dirt and gravel. Kootra was forced by James to stop building the 'grotesque' monument out of dirt, and had to use brown wool instead. As Jordan started his sheep farm, grass grew on the dirt block monument, making it look like a moldy turd, which Seamus noticed. Tensions also mounted between Aleks and Nova as they continued to build their houses, with Nova breaking his promise to come weaponless to a cave Aleks was mining to deliver a compass. They then engaged in a "fight to the death", with Aleks coming out the victor.

Meanwhile, Seamus and Dan had to defend their houses multiple times from attacking mobs, with Dan complaining about how creepers seem to lunge now. Kootra went off on his own lets play, trying to find a jungle to obtain some cocoa beans to dye his sheep brown so he could improve the Creature Carl monument and finally be allowed to make his own tree and be released from the slavery. Tensions rose further as Aleks and James' continued extensions to their homes brought dispute about property boundaries. Dan offered to become a surveyor to resolve the issue. Dan also teamed up with Seamus to defend his house from an attacking witch. The tension between Aleks and James increased further, to the point that Dan the Property Manager had to be called on to decide on property boundaries with assistance from Seamus. Dan eventually gave James what he wanted, as he had "more land than Aleks". Eventually, the hotel foundations Aleks was building resulted in the ground in front of James' house being dug away, leaving a giant pit outside his front door. James furiously called Dan in for an emergency, who allowed Aleks to continue building with James having to forfeit the front four blocks of his house. Kootra, much to the surprise of the others, then managed to find diamonds deep inside a cave. Later on in the session, James' luck seemed to rise, as he ended up finding diamonds in a cave Aleks had previously searched. Meanwhile, Jordan continued his search for a jungle biome in order for him to acquire cocoa beans, Seamus died by a creeper explosion, but managed to retrieve his stuff, and Sly managed to find a dungeon, but was unable to search through its contents, as Jordan ended the session soon after.

The next session began with just Kootra, Dan, James, and Seamus, while Aleks and Sly were not present. James found a black and white horse and decided to name it "World Peace" before temporarily holding it in Jordan's sheep pen. Meanwhile, while venturing, they found another black and white horse that was identical to World Peace. However, they deduced that it's an imposter and represented World Chaos instead and was swiftly murdered by Nova. On the other hand, Seamus was having trouble finding a decent cave and only found iron and coal, but managed to find some gold before the episode ended, something even Dan had not accomplished due to him staying in his Shit Shack 2.0 for a long time.

Jordan and James headed to a ravine Jordan found earlier to acquire obsidian to craft an Ender Chest. However, they needed to retrieve a blaze rod and Nova immediately proposed to also build an enchanting table "for the group", as well as a Nether Portal, just to spite Sly's previous 'pay to enter' Portal. The duo eventually found and dug out lots of obsidian, as well as a few diamonds and gold. Meanwhile, on the surface, Dan decided to go outside his home and ventured in a cave. He ran into immediate problems, but eventually struck gold and iron. Seamus, on the other hand, calmly worked on his treehouse, working diligently to get his roof done as Nova and Kootra eventually arose from the cave and regrouped in the sheep pen. Dan, still lost in his cave, gets attacked by creepers and zombies, while Seamus, the only one not adventuring, continued working on his house. Seamus was thriving while building his tree, and received some gold nuggets from James, who is struggling to tame World Peace (which he brought

World Peace gloating after trying to suffocate his tamer.

back to the Desert Rose), by selling him apples. After failing to tame the horse using apples, which he paid to get from Seamus, James realized he needed to ride World Peace, and he managed to do so while World Peace ran into a wall to suffocate both itself and James. Meanwhile, after Jordan teleported to Dan, they had a long adventure through a cave system, Jordan still searching for cocoa beans. His luck began to show, as he quickly found diamonds and other materials in a chest. He soon "lost his sanity" after becoming lost in the cave. Dan struggled to defend himself after having a near death experience with a creeper and other hostile mobs. Dan resurfaced soon after, finding himself lost in a desert biome, saying that he entered Mordor by accident. He then used his teleport to move to James and went back to his shack where he arranged his findings. Jordan also eventually made his way to the surface, appearing adjacent to Dan's shack, and swiftly made his way back to his sheep pen. Before the session ended, James decided to build the Nether portal with the obsidian he mined.

In the next episode, the Creatures hosted an hour and a half long TreeTopia Christmas Special. Like the Halloween Special, the group had a building contest, in which the Creatures built to see who could create the best creation. Jordan and James decided to "conjoin" their creations to build one big "festive" Christmas tree, in which James returned to his animal-hanging roots by making "live ornaments" out of pigs. Sly built a Santa statue in which he was bending over to "relieve himself" while vomiting. Seamus built a festive Festivus pole in which he built an orphan memorial on top. Finally, Dan built a Christmas tree with a Star of David on top, and a cross on top of that. Deciding that people may deem the creations (particularly Dan's) too offensive, they decided to destroy them all through TNT. Aleks was not present during the event, as he was on vacation to spend Christmas with family/friends. Sly nearly got away with placing diamond blocks around his creation for him to mine after the event was over. However, he was caught by James, who promptly destroyed them.

In the next session Dan, Sly, Jordan and Seamus returned. Sly continued to run around and build his farmstead and Dan continued to work on his land. Seamus and Jordan went "spelunking" (as Jordan called it), and managed to find a mine. After a little bit, lag began to set in, and Jordan was killed by some zombies after killing a witch. Seconds later, Dan was killed by a zombie, who he believed isn't attacking him, but it turned out that wasn't the case. Seamus was left to fend for himself down in the mine as Jordan teleported back to him. And then, suddenly, the server, along with the host, crashed. Jordan then agreed to give Sly a diamond when the server came back.

The next session began with Aleks meandering the Creature office, apologizing because he deleted his

"Fuc*ing Asshole."

entire point of view from that session, possibly for a specific reason. Then James was seen walking through a door and calling him an asshole, but it wasn't until the session when the reason was explained. As the session started, Aleks and James returned and the original team of the second world was reunited. The sessions proceeded as usual, with everyone talking over each other, Jordan teleporting to Seamus because they are "spelunking buddies", Dan attending to his newly built farm and James building a property line

The Battle Arena

between his and Aleks' property. Then Sly mentioned he had seen a demographic of each Creature's property; Sly's farm/tree/base was represented by China, and Aleks, of course, was represented by Russia. While he was reluctant to enter "China", an unsuspecting James, because he needed to use Sly's enchanting table, was killed by a zombie. Nova then retrieved his stuff and left, as he lost much of his experience. Later on the session, Dan's house accidentally caught on fire. With the help of James, and Sly acting as the fire marshal, the house was saved. Meanwhile, Kootra searched for a jungle biome by sailing on a boat. Soon after James helped Dan, James asks Aleks if he could have permission to be on his hotel and co-build Walmart. Aleks refused and stated that he is going to kill him. James then told Aleks to fight in an arena. Aleks proceeded to enchant his iron sword and then wagered with James. If Aleks won, he would become the owner of the Desert Rose, but if James won, he would be allowed on to Aleks' hotel. Both Sly and Seamus wanted to see them battle, and offered to pay gold nuggets to the host of the battle. 

After short preparation for both James and Aleks, the two entered Dan's arena (his chicken pen) and started the duel after everyone arrived. The battle began with Aleks building a pedestal and pouring down lava from a bucket. James managed to knock Aleks off his stone pedestal, and then they both caught on fire. James managed to survive long enough to kill Aleks before he himself burned to death, winning the duel.

Aleks was not happy with the defeat; he poured lava in the hotel to the point that James had Sly rescue him. Aleks left most of it to James (apart from a closet). James was rescued by China (Sly) and hired a hoe for Aleks. The whore gave Aleks AI-ds (Play on the words AIDS and AI), she had however since disappeared. Sly asked James to open the Great Walk Way of China, and James accepted, but Aleks stepped in and did it himself. After Aleks was killed by Sly for what he had done, Sly, Seamus, and James all stole from his dropped items. Aleks then became quiet, and that meant he was up to no good. He set the walk way on fire and was pursued by Sly, which ended the episode on a cliffhanger. Fire then spread to Seamus' forest and almost reached his treehouse. The fire was put down by James and Sly. Sly then killed Aleks, and because of that, Aleks left the room. Later on, Seamus put pressure plates and TNT in front of the door of Aleks' closet. No one stepped on it that session. The session ended with James getting sugar cane from Sly and Seamus getting enchantments of knockback and fire aspect on his weapon.

Aleks was homeless, hiding in Dan's house. Dan noticed him and he gave him a diamond and "starter kit". Aleks asked Seamus if he could rent a room in his treehouse. Seamus agreed and received gold as payment. James convinced Seamus to hire him as an insurer/guard and watched Aleks to prevent him from vandalizing Seamus' house. Aleks then left Seamus' place, because James was watching him the entire time. He was homeless again. Meanwhile, Jordan was still looking for jungle biomes and brown sheep. Jordan then finally found two brown sheep and bartered with James for a little bit before starting to breed them with James.

Using Dan's generous starter kit, Aleks ventured out and discovered a snowy mountain high above all surrounding land. He named it "Mount Saint Honolulu" and claimed it as his home. As James prepared to leave Jordan's faraway sheep pen, he was teleported back by Dan. Sly continued to add to his property and Seamus searched for more resources in a cave.

At the beginning of the next session, Aleks had a nightmare and James suddenly appeared in his house. While James was on his way to home, he also discovered that Mount Saint Honolulu is close to China, so he investigated China for short period of time. Because Sly wasn't in this session, Seamus and Dan went to China to enchant for free. Later on, James went to the Nether and brought some blaze rods to make a Brewing Stand and also created an Iron Golem (named Test Subject) to try potions he made. Meanwhile, Jordan gave James 3 diamonds and created a large amount of brown wool. Shortly when Jordan left, James' Desert Rose somehow exploded. Then, Test Subject walked on the roof, asking for hanging. James hanged him and Test Subject was left to protect the Desert Rose by doing nothing.

During the next session, James started to create a "tree" for Desert Rose and Jordan finally started building a Creature Carl statue. Meanwhile, Aleks was in a cave searching for resources. Dan sat in his home, sorting items in his chests. James then came up with an idea for a "Community Chest", where the Creatures could put items in and other Creatures could take whatever was in it for free. He put the chest next to his Nether portal and, before he started mining with Dan, put 2 diamonds in it. Dan took them immediately. Then James immediately leapt off his chest to protect Dan from creepers.

The AlphaTopia Special was the one hundredth (100th) episode of the series, and it featured one session in an alpha state Minecraft world. The episode featured the regular Creature cast as they started from scratch in this new world only building one communal tree with branching homes, one per Creature. Near the end of the episode, the surrounding branches and anything nearby were set aflame and ended everything in chaos with most of the Creatures, except for Seamus, vacating the communal tree.

The next session proved to be one of the most memorable yet. In this session, all 6 of the regular Creatures were together, making it Aleks' first appearance in the series in a while. The session started off peaceful and like usual. Then, tension rose between Jordan and James, and eventually James uncovered Jordan's secret chest which the fans had leaked the location of. James stole diamonds and gold ingots from the chest. James escaped into the Nether, to which Jordan answered back by killing all of James' cows, destroying some crops, and setting some TNT (that belonged to James) up with a pressure plate. James tried to make offers to Jordan to prevent him from jumping on the plate. However, Dan made arguably one of the most controversial moves in TreeTopia history: he ran into the Desert Rose, asking "What's going on?" while stepping on the pressure plate, blowing up half of the Desert Rose. Jordan then went into the Nether, killed James, and collected his stolen items. This episode sparked a lot of fan wars in the comments; some praised Jordan and Dan, while others stated they despised them. There was also a lot of discussion on whether or not Dan purposely stepped on the pressure plate for entertainment/comedic purposes or not.

The next sessions were followed by very tragic events. Dan burnt down his house because of "mistreatment" of his battle dome, and a feud erupted between Dan and James, which escalated to several deaths, including that of World Peace, and Aleks multiple times. James burnt down Aleks' house.

Aleks, James, Jordan, and Seamus griefed and destroyed all of the the monuments and all of the houses in Creative mode on the TreeTopia map, followed by a cameo appearance by Dan playing survival in the series finale.

Running Gags

  • #Forthegroup: a phrase started by Sly in one of the early sessions, which turned into a hashtag that was said by most of the creatures as a way of mocking Sly.
  • The Shit Shack: since the first episode, Dan's house he created was dubbed The Shit Shack by the other Creatures, due to its brown and window-less appearance. In episode 6, The Shit Shack was destroyed by Bobby Burglar, but Dan decided not to recreate it. After the first world was deleted, Dan recreated his Shit Shack (with windows) in the second world.
  • Bobby Burglar: a mysterious figure who came into the server and griefed it. It was discovered that he built a house, which was dubbed "Bobby Burglar's House". He would be referenced in several later sessions.
  • Hanging: James started to hang animals in episode 17, and it became one of the biggest gags of the series. He started to hang various animals such as chickens and sheep underneath the Communal Tree while accepting other animals into his Funhouse Freak Show. James confirmed he would bring the hanging room back to the the second world, due to Seamus not being around to see any previous hangings from the first world.
  • Vagina (James' specifically): a topic of conversation frequently brought up by James and Sly in the second world, much to the disgust of Aleks.
  • _______'s  having his own lets play: used when a Creature does their own thing, away from the rest of the group, having their own separate solo playthrough. Mostly used by Nova towards Sly.
  • "Hello?": said by Aleks many times, usually when a conversation is so outrageous it is near impossible to understand. It was meant to imitate a Skype call that is low quality, thus it is nearly impossible to understand what is being said. This is started in episode 36, which was condensed from a two-hour session due to overall poor audio quality, and the Creatures agreed that they didn't want to torture their viewers with the sub-par sound. From there, saying "Hello?" eventually turned into something said when someone said something shocking, awkward or what could be considered offensive. The gag continued to be used in the following episodes, and also in other series and videos outside TreeTopia.
  • #GetAmped: used to make fun of the new amplified map.
    • Sly and Kootra sing a duet, It's the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon theme song dubbed in with AMPLIFIED.
    • The Creatures repeatedly refer to problems in world as amplified, such as amplified coal and amplified lag.
  • Seamus and his skins: Seamus changed his skin three times throughout the series, starting as his famous Mario skin, then becoming a turkey, then an intentionally bad looking Santa Claus. His last skin was one that looked like him wearing a red shirt with a 1-up Mushroom on it.
  • Cocoa Beans: Kootra's search for cocoa beans was seen since the first world got deleted and when the other Creatures were making Kootra build a statue of Creature Carl. Kootra failed numberous times trying to get cocoa beans, even when he went underground in an abandoned mineshaft and tried to search for a jungle. Kootra removed the need for cocoa beans since finding two brown sheep, which he began breeding to get brown wool. In the later episodes, Kootra finally built the Carl, but nobody seemed to like it.
  • Spelunking Buddies!: Jordan repeatedly teleporting to Seamus in search of cocoa ceans in the second world. He began teleporting to Seamus whenever he had found a cave/mineshaft, causing Seamus to attempt to kill Jordan or ask for someone else to teleport him away.
  • Countries: Someone left a comment on an episode of TreeTopia, saying that each Creature and their respective house/area represented a country. The countries established were China (Sly), Russia (Aleks), and Dubai, UAE (Dan).
  • China Prime: Sly acted as the leader of China, which was the name of his area. The jingle "China China Prime China Prime Prime Prime" (and other variants) had to be sung for foreigners to enter China, but due to the many absences of China's leader, it was infiltrated many times to be used. 
  • The Property Dispute: the argument over property between James and Aleks, now dispelled due to Aleks being evicted from his home and leaving a closet.
  • Vampire Detective: The Vampire Detective was the titular role of episode 68 taken on by Aleks. It started when he was in a cave and encountered bats. He took on a persona (which was a parody of Batman), "Vampire Man", and later was renamed to Vampire Detective. He attempted to solve the mystery of The Desert Rose Explosion, but was ultimately ignored.
  • Aleks' Career is Dead/Aleks is poor: said by the Creatures after Aleks lost his ultimate battle against Nova.
  • Dan and Aleks' story: the story was explained by Aleks that the pair met during a game of poker. Dan went along with the gag, but instead said that they met at a supermarket.
  • Karma: a force that constantly hurt James, due to his actions toward Aleks.
  • MC Railman: Aleks' rap persona that he portrayed when collecting rails.
  • Sun's coming up!: originally said by Dan every morning. Later when Dan says this, it's usually followed by James and the others yelling it in return.

Creature Occupations

Kootra: Hitman; formerly 'Servant/Slave' (second world); Hitman/Salesman (first world)

In the first world, Kootra started off as a hitman, who allowed other Creatures to put hits on anyone who did something deserving of payback. He was also a salesman, selling various supplies to James or anyone who needed anything

In the second world he lost all respect due to deleting the first world, and became a slave to the others. His only job was to create a Creature Carl statue out of brown wool. To acquire the wool needed for the statue, he created a sheep pen. He searched for cocoa beans for many sessions to color the wool (to no avail), but instead found a brown sheep and bred it to produce brown wool to build the Carl. After his slavery ended, he stated he would do his hitman business again. 

Danz Newz: Criminal/Chicken Farmer (second world); formerly 'Arena Host/Property Manager/Town Crier' (second world)Bread Salesman/Chicken Farmer (first world)

In the first world, Dan started by creating a "Shit Shack", which was a house that lacked a roof and windows. After the world was griefed, he decided against building it again and started making a new house, further away from the Communal Tree and everyone. He also started giving out free bread to the rest. It wasn't until a later session where he started to charge for his bread (after gold nuggets were established as the currency), though he offered very good deals for the price of very little. He also had a very large chicken pen with hundreds of chicken by his house, something he is known for doing in the past. Aleks dubbed Dan as the richest man in the game due to the large amount of resources he had amassed.

In the second world, he recreated his "Shit Shack", except this time it had windows. He built an actual tree on top of it, as well as a chicken pen underground and a battle dome on top. During James and Aleks' dispute over their property boundaries, Dan became the Property Manager to resolve the issues.

In both worlds, it became apparent that he hated the night and constantly spent the night in his bed, spamming snoring noises in the chat, often interrupting the nightly skirmishes the rest of the group had. 

SlyFoxHound: Emperor of China/Triad leader/Farmer/Salesman (second world); formerly Store Owner/Salesman/Hitman (first world)

Sly was the most mischievous of the group. In the first world, he did several devious deeds to other Creatures such as letting creepers and zombies in Dan's house, killing his chickens, vandalizing establishments (breaking Aleks' hotel's glass windows) and stealing sheep from James. He owned a shop loaded with goods (some of which taken from the guys themselves), and would sell/trade them for various items before the currency was established. He also had a Nether portal and an enchanting table in his shop, which he charged for using.

It seemed that he continued his work in the second world. He started making a farm and also started reconstruction of his Deku Tree, which he first made in the first world. He was dubbed a "Minecraft Pro" by the group, due to achieving so much in a small amount of time. In episode 41, Sly revealed he was the owner of all caves and everything inside of them by signing papers with Notch and Jeb.

ImmortalHD: Retired Rapper/Hermit/Rebel; formerly '"Vampire Detective"/Cop/Coal Miner/Beggar'/Head Fireman/Hotel Operator (second world); Hotel manager (first world)

In the first world Immortal operated a hotel, the "Aleksandr Resort". He charged customers for stays and gave each one a complimentary apple, supplied by Dan. He had a thick Russian accent and was claimed to be very dumb and naïve by the other Creatures.

In the second world, he started recreating his hotel underground in a desert, cutting into James' property in the process. After losing a fight with Nova, Immortal was forced to abandon his hotel and was live in a closet. Immortal soon decided to become a rebel against China and the other Creatures. Soon after, he discovered Mount Saint Honolulu and claimed the mountain as his. He has had many self employed jobs, such as a cop and coal miner. He was also a retired rapper under the name MCRailMan or MCRails.

UberHaxorNova: Sand Digger/Drug Dealer/Insurance Salesman/Fire Marshal Formerly; Deputy Fire Marshal/Supervisor/Future Animal Hanger/Pimp (second world); "Animal Hanger" (first world)

Nova didn't establish a "real" occupation in the first world, due to the rest doing individual gathering for the group, but was known for tying animals with his ropes, and hanging them in his "dungeon" basement. He had a sheep, several chickens and a cow. He was often abused and griefed by the others (mostly Sly) and also put on "shows" with his animals.

In the second world he became a supervisor for Kootra, to make sure he works as a punishment for deleting the first world. Along with making a desert house, Nova revealed he would recreate the hanging room (due to Seamus being absent and missing out on the fun Nova had). He and Aleks often had disputes about their property lines. He was a drug dealer, only having only a few sales.

SSoHPKC:  Bomb Squad Leader/'Landlord' (second world); formerly "Pet Sitter" (first world) 

Seamus only appeared only in the first two sessions of the first world. In that time the only things he did was look after Sly's pet cat and build a house on top of a jungle tree in Kootra's old treetop location.

In the second world, he was one of the first to successfully create a tree, as the others were goofing around. He frequently mined in cave system with Kootra tagging along, much to his annoyance. Seamus took on the occupation as a landlord after Immortal was forced to leave his home and asked Seamus to live in his house. Seamus later started a bomb squad that involved him rigging TNT next to pressure plates and defusing them for a fee.

Sp00nerism: Occupation yet established 

Appeared in the fifth session of the first world, Sp00n did not achieve much, aside from building a sand house and staying in the overworld while the rest of the Creatures ventured into the Nether.

He did not make an appearance in the second world.

Notable Creature Relationships

Within the series, the Creatures developed various relationships with each other. These were often negative, positive, or both.

Nova and Kootra

James and Jordan had one of the more well known relationships in TreeTopia. Throughout the series, they had been friends a few times, but for the most part they were rivals. They have killed each other more than probably any other two Creatures. The most notable fallout between the two was when James stole the items (gold and diamonds) from Jordan's hidden chest (the location was leaked to James via the fans), which triggered one of the most intense moments of the series: Jordan slaughtering James cows, and placing TNT with a pressure plate. It was eventually triggered by Dan, blowing up a good portion of James' home, the Desert Rose. The next session, Jordan helped James rebuild the Rose. However, while Jordan was taking too long in the mine, James said that if Jordan didn't come back in a minute to help, he would kill him. James then consumed a fire resistance potion, placed lava, and teleported Jordan to him. Jordan killed James with his sword, and died in the lava. Then a "riot" occurred. Dan put a bounty on Jordan, and he was killed multiple times.

Immortal and Nova

Immortal and Nova have always been at each other's throats, but mainly from the start of the second world. Their feud led to the creation of the battle dome, in which James beat Aleks. They were the only two Creatures to fight in a battle dome. At the start of the second world they both wanted the same land. They settled this dispute by splitting the land between the two. However, the session after they started arguing, it came to the point where they had to have Danz act as the property manager. Even with Danz, Nova and Immortal couldn't continue, and so they had a duel in Danz's Chicken Pen. Nova won the fight and therefore started to build a Walmart with Immortal, but on the other side Immortal was not happy and filled his house with lava. After this, Immortal became homeless and decided to become a rebel. He purchased a room at Seamus' tree but was watched by Nova at all times. When Immortal moved to make his new home there were very little problems. This was until Nova and Kootra's fight when he took Kootra's side and killed Nova. Once Immortal was away editing First Five, Nova went in Creative mode and put chickens in his house for revenge. Conflict started again when Nova burnt down his house. Immortal had his revenge by stealing Nova's house (the Desert Rose).

Nova and Sly

In the first world Sly and Nova didn't have much to do with each other, but when the second world came about Sly stole from Nova. Sly later named him the Golden Boy and Nova had access to China. Since then Sly and Nova have been on good terms. However, whenever Sly would talk to him, James would respond in an odd voice "Me no speak english".

Creature Pets

  • Whiskers (1st World): The first pet in Treetopia.  He was owned by Sly but was commonly looked after by Seamus (when he was there). He was erased when Kootra forgot to back up the world.
  • Carlito (1st World/2nd World): Sly's Iron Golem bodyguard and friend. Sly would often use Carlito to intimidate other Creatures into making deals. (Carlito was erased when Kootra forgot to back up the world). However, in the second world there was a festive Carlito hanging from Sly's creative tree. Sly said himself that it was Carlito or a relative of Carlito. Carlito would be referenced in later episodes, mostly the Creatures calling any iron golem they encounter Carlito. In the 23rd session it was revealed that China Prime was populated by Carlitos.
  • World Peace (2nd World): Nova's black and white horse that represented racial, gender, and age equality. He was tragically killed by Danz Newz by an accidental swing of his diamond sword.
  • Numerous counts of unnamed animals (Nova's and Sly's hanging victims) (1st World/2nd World)
  • Butch Cassidy (2nd World): Kootra, while out adventuring for cocoa beans, found a pack of wolves, but for some reason and lack of bones, only tamed one, naming it Butch, which Dan finalized with Cassidy (a reference to the Old West outlaw Butch Cassidy). He was either dead or sitting somewhere between spawn and Kootra's brown sheep pen.
  • Frank & Herbert (2nd World): two of Aleks' chicks. He kept them in his rented room in Seamus' tree. James called them Gerbert & HamburgerThey were brutally murdered by James, along with Seamus' only chicken.
  • Test Subject aka Golem Man (2nd World): an iron golem who James used as a test subject for potions. Imprisoned around a fence next to a water tank, it frequently escaped its cage and made James rage. It was an ornament for James' front door after being hanged over the unfinished front wall of the Desert Rose. He was killed by Kootra in episode 97.
  • The Chosen One (2nd World): Sly's color changing "jeb_" sheep 
  • Grumm (2nd World): Sly's upside down horse

Lodgings and Monuments (1st World)

Locations and buildings are:

  • The Communal Tree AKA Nova's house (burnt down)
  • Sly's Shop and Deku Tree (burnt down)
  • The Aleksandr Resort 1 & 2 (1 was burnt down)
  • Dan's "Shit Shack"
  • Seamus' Treehouse (Kootra's old house)
  • Kootra's New Treehouse
  • Bobby Burglar's House
  • Sp00n's "Sand Castle" house
  • Nova's hanging room

Halloween Special Monuments

  • Jordan's "Dry Bones"
  • Dan's "Punisher Logo"
  • Nova's "Funhouse Freak Show"
  • Immortal's Spooky House "The Haunted Horror House of Horror" (purchased by Kootra, who later sold it to James)
  • Sly's Nightmare Before Christmas mountain "Christina Squiggle Mountain"
  • Sp00n's Spooky Sandcastle (Nova put a Jack-o-Lantern on Sp00n's castle)

Lodgings and Monuments (2nd World)

World Generation

  • AMPLIFIED world itself
  • The absence of Jungle biomes
  • Mineshafts without Cocoa Beans
  • AMPLIFIED Village
  • Mountain Saint Honolulu
  • Mountain Saint Helen (active volcano)
  • The Nether Fortress


  • Roads (Connecting Seamus' tree, Dan's tree, the Nether Portal, the Desert Rose and the Great Walkway of China) (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Charity Chest (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Minecart System that Jordan proposed, runs on the bridge of opportunity. (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  •  'Bridge of Opportunity', links Jordan, James, and Dan's houses. (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Two Carl's Nether Portals (both are destroyed) 


  • Shit shack 2.0/Tree (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Chicken Pen/Battle Arena 
  • Wheat farm' '(Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Dungeon Storage Room  (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Dan's BattleDome  (Destroyed in the Series Finale)


  • The Desert Rose (Destroyed in the Series Finale)  inside:
    • Cow pen (Cows killed by Jordan)
    • Chicken pen (Chickens let lose by various Creatures, and killed by Dan)
    • Carrot & Wheat farm
    • Drug Lab (possibly destroyed)
  • The Nether Portal (destroyed)
  • Hotel Hava Underground Edition (formerly belonged to Aleks) was under several phases of construction, destruction, and restruction, was won by Nova during the "fight of the properties" inside Danz's chicken arena. It was since unused and claimed to be haunted. (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Immortal's closet (formerly Aleks') (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Walmart (Work in progress) (Destroyed in the Series Finale)


  • Aleksandr Mansion on Mountain Saint Honalulu (Set value of 8,000 Gold nuggets by Aleks and 3,000 Gold nuggets by Jordan) (half burnt down by Nova) (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Cobblestone bridge between Mountain Saint Honalulu and Mountain Saint Helen (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Wheat Farm (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Water Lift/Elevator (Most likely Destroyed in the Series Finale)

Sly's (of China)

  • Wheat, Melon and Pumpkin Farm 
  • Chicken Pen/House/Tower  (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Underground Enchantment Room (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Deku Tree 2.0 (Work In progress) 
  • The Great Walkway of China (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • China China Cave China Cave Cave Cave (Probably Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • China Prime Lounge (Probably Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • China Prime Flag (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • China Prime Wall (Work in progress) (Partly Destroyed in the Series Finale)


  • The Dirt Creature Carl Monument which was built next to Seamus' house, but was eventually taken back by nature (Seamus' trees) 
  • Sheep Pen (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Faraway Sheep Pen for Brown Sheep (with an underground shack and a farm)


  • "Hardcore" Treehouse (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Melon farm (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • Forest (half burnt down by Aleks and Dan) (Destroyed in the Series Finale)
  • "Berlin" Wall (Destroyed in the Series Finale)

Proposed monuments/features.

  • James had stated multiple times that he planed to find a horse, tame it, and name him Karma, to go along with World Peace.
  • A path that would have linked Aleksandr Mansion with the other Creatures' houses.

Destroyed Monuments

  • "Crack Shack" AKA Slave House (built by Danz) which is now not in use for the fact that Kootra blew it up with a baby fart in Ep.95 of Treetopia, as a symbol of his freedom.
  • The Meow Tree (Set Value of 800 Gold nuggets by Jordan, ceremonially burned)
  • The Wool Creature Carl Monument, built by Jordan in the desert in between all the homes out of brown wool. His left leg is destroyed by creepers and Bomb Squad's TNT (Set Value of -100 Gold Nuggets by Jordan; burnt down by Sly)
  • "Shit Shack" 2.0, later known as just Danz's tree (burnt down by Dan)
  • All of the monuments were destroyed in the series finale.

Special Trees


  • James and Kootra's "Siamese/Conjoined Tree" (Destroyed)
  • Seamus' Festivus "Tree Pole" (Destroyed)
  • Dan's "Coexisting tree" (Destroyed)
  • Sly's "Vomiting and Pooping Santa" (Destroyed)

Note: All of the Creatures Christmas monuments were destroyed so that no one could steal any materials that were spawned while in Creative Mode. It was revealed at the end that Sly had spawned in a bunch of diamonds and iron golems to use during the normal sessions, but Kootra and James blew it up with the rest of the monuments.


In the 100th episode special, AlphaTopia, there was no set goal for a tree. In the end a giant mass "communal tree" was created, with the Creatures building their own small houses within it. Later, it was destroyed as most of it was burned with lava. 


On Friday, June 27, 2014, the final episode of TreeTopia was uploaded to the hub. The episode featured Jordan, James, Aleks, and Seamus destroying the monuments and going over memories of them. Following the episode, the "theme song" of the series which can be heard on the outro, Hummingbird, while memories from the series played. After this montage, it cut back to the map as Dan was there, looking around at the aftermath and destruction. His chicken pen was alright, but everything was gone. He then went to China and saw that the other guys didn't light the TNT on the China Prime flag. He lit it, leading to an explosion and the episode ending.

Succeeding Series

Main article: CreatureTopia

On November 1, 2014 the Creatures launched a brand new, hub-exclusive minecraft series titled CreatureTopia.


See: TreeTopia/episodes


  • Sp00n was the editor of the first part (1-60) of the series. Danz and Kootra were the editors after Sp00n, and Spencer was the editor after them.
  • The currency was gold nuggets.
    • "Seamus Bucks" (Iron Ingots) were also used as a legit currency.
    • Diamonds were also used as currency, but since ep. 67, diamond charges were illegal. Some of the Creatures tried to come up with a conversion from diamonds to gold nuggets. Later on they seemed to forget about the illegality of diamonds.
  • The name "TreeBoot" was an idea of Dan (known for his puns); however, none of the other Creatures liked the name, except for Seamus.
    • Dan suggested to call the second world "TreeSet." The name got the same reaction. Dan then stated that since he was the one who uploads the videos, he would put Treeset in the descriptions.
  • All of the current Creatures during its time (except Ze) have been on the series.
  • Each episode had a unique title based on an event or something said in that given episode.
    • All the Creatures that have appeared in the series names have appeared in at least one title of an episode.
  • The series was home to the famous Creature hashtag: "For the group!".
  • In TreeTopia, the Creatures have mentioned and referenced many other series including Minecraft Daily, Asgard, SupercastWifey-Craft, the orignal TreeHouse, Minecraft Adventures,The Ex-Communicated Series and Hershel's Land (Ironically, Dan's chicken breeding addiction made a return).
  • In the second world, Kootra became the town slave after he deleted the previous world and was required to build a statue of Creature Carl, and couldn't return to regular life until he was done. He settled on using brown wool instead of cocoa beans.
    • He originally began making a dirt Carl, which was quickly 'reclaimed by nature' due to Kootra not working on it. The dirt turned into grass blocks and Seamus placed saplings on them, which quickly grew into trees.
    •  In episode 61 he acquired two brown sheep and bred them.
    • In episode 70, he finally started building the Creature Carl.
  • In the first world, Sly built the Spiral Hill (even though Sly did not remember the hill's name) from The Nightmare Before Christmas Film, for the Halloween Special.
  • In the Sly's Surprise video, it was shown that Sly's tree was indeed the Deku Tree from Legend of Zelda.
  • Dan was the only Creature who appeared in every episode of the series
    • Nova was in every episode in the first world, and Kootra never missed a session in the second world.
    • Sly had the most breaks from the series, whereas Sp00n has had the longest break/absence from the series, which was a title previous held by Seamus.
    • Dan referenced this in the after credits of the finale episode saying "I'm in every session of TreeTopia but I miss the finale!"
  • Early on in the first world, Aleks' hotel was burnt down, though the POV at that moment didn't show who the culprit was. The YouTube comment section contained much debate about whether it was Seamus or Sly, though Aleks griefed James instead. The Creatures did confirm that Seamus was the one responsible, but before the release of that episode, around the 19:40 mark of TreeTopia Ep 8, in Seamus' inventory, there was a flint and steel with one use on it. To prove that point, at the beginning of the 35th episode, while the group was arguing at Jordan for losing the map, Seamus said "Where's the hotel I burnt down?", he himself confirming it.
    • Seamus continued to troll Aleks by planting some TNT in his closet (which was accidentally triggered by James and was blamed on Sly) and by paying James to watch him while Aleks stayed at Seamus' home.
  • There has been references to the past TreeHouse series, like Nova mentioning Sp00n's birthday cake/surprise, as well as the recurring theme of each player getting "one TP" per session. Another of these references is Kootra wanting to build a rail system similar to the one on the first map.
  • Kootra, Dan, Sly, and Seamus were known as the "boring crew" of TreeTopia, and also the musical group.
    • The gag "Boring Crew" would be used by the Creatures in other forms outside of TreeTopia, when a group of Creatures (who were for the most part unpopular in the form of video) came together. For instance, Dan and Jordan called themselves the "boring stream crew" since they got the least views when they streamed.
  • The outro music was "Hummingbird (feat. Augustus Ghost)" by Tut Tut Child.
  • There was never a session of Treetopia recorded where 3 or fewer Creatures are present. Each session contained at least 4.
  • It took Kootra a total of 35 episodes to actually begin building the Carl, a point which is half of the entire series.
  • Jordan accidentally revealed in his MLG Minecraft series that he got over 50 experience in TreeTopia, before realizing that point hadn't been uploaded yet. He also revealed there had been a 4-hour session, which was the 20th session.
  • It was revealed in Creature Talk ep.95, that the group might do a a spin-off series called AlphaTopia where they would return to playing Minecraft in alpha. The fans in the chat reacted positively, and want to see this happen. James wrote it down so they "wouldn't forget."
    • AlphaTopia would become a reality in the Treehouse 100th Episode Special, where the Creatures made a treehouse in Minecraft Version Alpha 1.1.2.
  • The 20th recording session was the longest session of the series, with 12 episodes in total.
  • In episode 92, Dan and Jordan jokingly stated they would like to do a TreeTopia Musical, as well as a TR4PVILLE musical.
  • Kootra and Dan announced that on Friday June 27th the finale of TreeTopia will be uploaded.
    • They also stated that new Minecraft series would come in the future, which may or may not include mods.
    • Dan and Kootra hinted at a new series with the hashtag #TopiaHarder and a photo of Spencer editing.

Refrences in/off TreeTopia

Of other series in TreeTopia

A list of Series mentioned or refenced in TreeTopia.

Note: This is not completed

Name Episode(s) of refence times mentioned Notes
TreeHouse 1, 2 5
Ex-Comm 1, 3
Hershel's Land 1, 1
Asgard 1, 2 3
Minecraft Daily

References to TreeTopia outside of the series

A list of series that refenced or mentioned TreeTopia.

  • Tomodachi life (Sly's Playthrough) - Sly mentioned China Prime
  • Red Dead Redemption (Creature Hub playthrough) - They referenced World Peace accidentally by asking for World Peace (Not the horse), Dex cursed at his horse after they said it.
  • Minecraft Parkour School (Creature Hub series) - When Nova was fighting Dan, Dan said "oh not this again" refrenceing the time he and James went at war in TreeTopia.

Gallery of Locations (1st World)

Gallery of Locations (2nd World)