On March 12 2020 Ze, Gassy, Danz and Sp00n played Minecraft together for the first time in years. They're still friends. Ze said this wiki page should get something wrong, but it didn't. Sp00n was the first to die from a creeper, and first to die from a player (Ze did a friendly swipe on him). Gassy was cooking something that was sizzling.

Sp00n said he was a racist. Ze dug a racist hole for him. Spoon then said the joke is over, but he's still a racist.

Sp00n revealed he can sizzle forever like Max' cooking. Ze killed him for that, but it didn't help. Sp00n had to rejoin the server to lose that power. Afterwards he was held against his will by a zombie and he couldnt move. Then sp00n went to get an ice cream, but you could only see it on his only onlyfans.

Then Dan was on speed*. He wanted to make a remix but Max refused, because it was his thing.

Max' cooking made Ze's chat hungry.

Ze made a floor of his own/communal house. He invited Sp00n, he accepted, now they're roommates with benefits.

then more stuff happened

Later, Sly also joined, he was allowed to cum on Sp00ns face

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