Hey there pally o' wally. My name is Brannon (or the bargain brand of the name Brandon) and I'm a pretty weird dude.

About Me Edit

  1. I live in Georgia.
  2. I'm a tall, skinny, and lanky guy.
  3. I obviously love to watch The Creatures.
  4. I prefer playing games on my PC over my consoles.
  5. I play baseball.
  6. I have a really stupid sense of humor.
  7. Sometimes I like to binge-edit on the wiki. It's pretty fun actually!
  8. I get called "Brennan", "Brendan", and "Brandon" a lot.
  9. I'm either completely laid back or completely hyper at times.
  10. I am sometimes brutally honest.
  11. I hate first-person-shooters (except for Team Fortress 2, which actually does something inivative/unique).
  12. I loooove the Little Big Planet series.
  13. I swear a lot.
  14. I am definitely not a morning person.
  15. I'm the laziest person in the northern hemisphere.

Links Edit



Favorite Creature Series Edit

Titles with * next to them means that they are in my Top 10 Favorite.

  • The Treehouse Saga* (various channels)
  • TreeTopia and CreatureTopia* (thecreaturehub)
  • Red Dead Redemption (thecreaturehub)
  • Minecraft: Parkour School (thecreaturehub)
  • Creature Movie Trips (thecreaturehub)
  • Creature Game Nights and Creatures Play (thecreaturehub)
  • Minecraft Creature Factions (thecreaturehub)*
  • Road to E3 (thecreaturehub)*
  • Gang Beasts (James and Aleks)
  • GMod Murder (James, Aleks, Jordan, and Kevin)
  • Super Smash Bros. 4 (Dex)
  • Cringe Factor (Dex)
  • Town of Salem (Ze)
  • GMod: Dark RP (James, Aleks, and Kevin)*
  • GMod Tower (James, Aleks, and Kevin)*
  • Battleblock Theater (James and Aleks)*
  • Ultimate Chimera Hunt (James, Aleks, and Kevin)*
  • Minecraft: Asgard Adventures (James and Jordan)*
  • Quad-Mountain Survival (James)
  • Space Engineers (James, Aleks, and Jordan)
  • Rust (James, Aleks, and Jordan)*
  • GMod Flood (James, Aleks, and Kevin)
  • GMod Tower (James, Aleks, and Kevin)
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