aka Travis

  • I live in The Great White North
  • My occupation is Village Idiot
  • I am Human, or am I a dancer?

Welcome to my house!

Sup! Now that you're here, let me tell you about myself. I am still in school and take a course about Design Drafting and it involves computers so it makes me happy inside. I have always had a computer around me and never get any sort of physical activity or go outside.


This is where I type about stuff that happened a long time ago. I think one time I joined some people in something, then I got laid. That's how I became who I am today.


  • I made the second Creature fan Twitter account
  • I like trains!
  • I am 11 on a list for a reason

How to contact meEdit

  • Leave a message on my talk page
  • Talk to me in the Wiki Chat
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