aka Devin

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 29
  • I am The Dude

About MeEdit

Hello everyone! My name is Devin. My first introduction to the creatures was in early 2011, on one of Nova's videos. I still continue to frequently watch most of the creatures videos.

Favorite Creatures (In Order)Edit

Top 10 Creature Talks (Not In Order)Edit

  1. Episode 92: Thirsty
  2. Episode 100
  3. Episode 125: Spider Aleks
  4. Episode 109: CT in Space
  5. Episode 65: The Box
  6. Episode 93: World War Roomba
  7. Episode 91: Lolipop
  8. Episode 79: Now with video!
  9. Episode 66: OPRAH SHAVINGS
  10. Episode 131: Old Machinima Days
  • Please keep in mind that I love every single Creature Talk and have watched every single one at least 5 times. These are just 10 of the episodes that really stood out to me.
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