The Creature Lover

aka Selena Craig

  • I live in Hollywood, California
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Playing Minecraft
  • I am A Female
  • This Is Pianapple Sp00n
  • This is Junkyard129
  • This Is Chilled Chaos
  • This is DanzNewz
  • This is Eades
  • This is Chef Nova
  • This is SeamusPKC
  • This Is Gassy Mexican
  • This is ZeRoyalViking
  • Last but not least Kootra

These Are The Creatures. My Favorite Boys In the Whole Wide World. I Like Kootra the Most Because I think He's The Funniest. ( Sorry other creatures) Well If you don't know who The Creatures are then Here are There Minecraft Skins. Enjoy!Edit

Yours Truly,Edit

Selena Craig, Hollywood, CaliforniaEdit

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