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About Me

Hello, I am a fellow fan of the Creatures. I started out watching SSoHPKC from early on his channel before he joined the Creatures and through him I began to watch them. I am a very big fan of SSoH, with AshhBearr and Nova following close behind.

My Favorite Pages

Making Changes

Just a personal reminder of things to change and fix within the wiki. If you are reading this and feel like you can achieve this, then you are welcome to try and receive to praise for doing so.

Fixing info boxes

Changing color pallet of background and pages

Cleaning up categories

Clean up in-game pets pages/narrow them down

Add in sound bites/mash up videos expanding understanding of running gags and inside jokes

Include more citations and sources for information

Optimizing home page and fixing bad design

Make mobile site more usable

Open up forum for wiki users when ready, after careful planning and deliberation. Must be organized and categorized nicely to not let it fall into the trap of becoming a cesspool.

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