Just wanted to write up a quick post about some of the changes you have probably noticed.

  1. First off our unbeleivble new background done by @Zarayuni on twitter. Go follow her because she is crazy cool.
  2. Also we have been changing some page colors and such. As you might have noticed the orange is a different hue than before. We just wanted to change things up a bit, and make the wiki more colorful. I would really like to know what you guys think of this. Should we keep doing this? If yes, then what other asthetical changes would you like to see?
  3. If you don't follow us on twitter you may not know that community memeber Vextipher is now an admin!
  4. Also we have turned article comments back on! Let me know what you think about them. We also have a new policy relating to them, which leads me to my final point.
  5. We have updated our Policies and Rules page. There is new new policies/rules relating to the articles comments, and bans.

New Policies

  • Article comments are their to help with a page. Give your opinion, ask a question, or suggest a change to the article. If your comment adds nothing to an article, or is in any way rude/ obnoxious/ offensive/ just pointless, it will be removed. Depending on how severely you break this rule yo may be banned.
  • Although the you can be banned for violating our policies, ultimately the decision of bnning is up to the admins. If you think you were wrongfully banned, please feel free to contact us about it.

More changes to come,stay tuned.

Thanks for reading everyone!


Creature24 23:46, June 21, 2012 (UTC)

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