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The Creature Wiki - Creatures, Series, gags and more

I don't know how many people read this if anyone at all but if someone does then there is some point to writing this. I was devastated after the griefing though a little entertained by a few of the gags peole came up with, bravo. I was not dettered though. So I began talking to our all powerful creator Killoren13 trying to find any way i could help. Then belive it or not the crazy man made me an admin. So I quickly set to wrok on the wiki. I am proud to say I have gotten a good bit acomplished tonight but thee is mountains of work ahead of us. This wiki is young but once we get some community involvment that doesn't involve replacing all information with poop and anal sex, then I believe the wiki will grow like wildfire. Even though yall can't edit at the moment it would still be a big help if you could comment on pages and tell us what to add/change. Comments like"maby if these guys didnt get there facts straight we wouldnt grief" and "wow this shit is so wrong" are a big help i getting facts straight. If it weren't for those then nothing would be right, they are a huge contribution. If you couldn't tell that was some of Seamus's famous super sarcasm. I am glad to be here and part of this community though, if I beleive you are in the wrong than do not think for one second that I shall hesitate to bring the almight hammer of ban down hard on your ass.I am going to sign off now it is 2:30 in the a.m. and I feel I should quit while I am ahead after that last comment.

Goodnight everyone(or maybe good morning depending on when you're reading this)

Few things the community should know

  • We understand our grammar isn't perfect, but we are very busy and won't always have time to proofread everything.
  • We hope to restore editing powers soon ( we need 3 more admins)
  • Don't try to sneak anything by us. WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING!!!!!!!
  • We love you guys(except the griefers GTFO) and we are he to help you in any way we can, so don't be afraid to ask.