Today was a somewhat interesting day for us. Today we came to the unfortunate decsion to get rid of two of our current admins. I am not at liberty to say anything more about that situation. Due to this we now have two admin positions that we need to fill. Our community has grown quite a bit since our last opening, and we will be much more critical in the way that we choose our admins this go around. The basic requirements to apply are:

  1. You must have skype.
  2. You must be on skype somewhat regularly. Not everyday, but 2-3 times a week.
  3. You must be an active member of our communtiy. I would like to hit more on this one. We feel that the postion should go to someone who has earned it. If you are someone who has been of great service to the wiki regardless of your position, then you would get priority over someone who has made a single eit, and applies saying they would be very helpful.
  4. You must be atleast 14 years of age. It is the age of our founder and i feel that it is an age where we can rely on you enough to be responsible.
  5. You must work well with others.
  6. You must be reliable.

All aplications, 'MUST BE SENT TO': if you send it somewhere else you will not even be considered. I don't feel it is too much to ask. The basics for your application, must include:

  • Your name and age.
  • Your Wikia username
  • Timezone
  • General info on yourself. We don't need your life story, we just would like to know who we are hiring.
  • Why you beleive you should get the position, and what would make you a good admin.
  • Anything else you would like to include as well.

Thanks for your time!


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