Sup, I got bored and decided to look and see if this thing was still a thing, and sure enough it is. Bravo to the new admin team for taking over. Although it looks like most of them putterered out and faded away just like the old ones did. For pretty much the same reasons too.

So does this blog post mean you are coming back?

Lol, as if motherfuckers! I'm just bored, and somewhat inebriated. I also saw that you guys made a new twitter cause you couldn't figure out the password to the old one. Or you could have, you know, done five minutes of work to find my contact info and asked me for the password. Hint, hint, if any of you admins would like the pass to the original twitter, my email is still in one of my previous blog posts. I'm not putting it in this one, cause every time I post it I got ass raped by spam.

I'm a little surprised at the lack of rage towards us original aadmins. In fact the only real reason I came on was to see if people shit talked us for dropping this place like a bad habit. It looks like it doesn't take long for people to figure out why we did. This shit is tedious, and I'm thankful. Regardless of how much work you out In, the most you get out is a feeling of self satisfaction. Everyone's quiet when shots running well.but the second you do some shit they don't like they will make sure to bitc h about it.

Well enougj rambling about Fuck Fuck games, and other bullshit. For anyone wondering what happened to all the previous admins, most are In school(college), I'm working full time and what little time off I get I spend fighting my with my liver. Others slipped and fell of the face of the world. Well that's all. Feel free to contact me if y'all want something. Its about time I go show my liver who's really in charge.

Also no hard feelings to any of the old team iincluding Tulley, if I ever meet any of y'all in real life I'll buy you a drink.

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