It's been a while, but this should be a good one. So I was thinking and I am not sure that our communtiy realizes how instrumental in making the wiki what is is now. So after the first time the creatures talked about us on the podcast( I am sure you all remmeber well) we were broken, but hadn't given up. We were determined to make the wiki even better than before. It took us a while but we got it back up, the problem was that we had no community though. It was probably months before we saw any actual development of a community, not that we are upset that it took that long. I am not sure if you guys felt the same way, but it was as if we were the only ones who had any real hope for the wiki. During this period of months of nothing we all somewhat gave up on the wiki. We would take a gander at it every few days, and never really worry about it. Though it was more unspoken than anything else I think we were all at the point where we were about ready to forget about it. It was hopeles, but it turned out that there was hope yet. "If you build it they will come" and you guys sure did! It took a little while for you guys to find your way here, but you are now and we couldn't be any happier! The wiki is better than we had ever dreamed it would be. This is your wiki. You guys are our inspiration and our motivation, and we hope you will keep pushing us. Also if you guys ever have any thought about the wiki what ever they are, please, don't be shy! We love hearing from you guys about the wiki! Hell, we love hearing from you guys period. We have the coolest communtiy any wiki could hope for, and I am so grateful for you all.

tl;dr You guys are incredible ,and if it weren't for you this wiki would be a stinky pile of brown.

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