The Creature Wiki - Creatures, Series, gags and more
The Creature Wiki - Creatures, Series, gags and more
  • First off, meet your new site admin Baby Soap!
  • Next, to sum up some other important changes: check out the home page and see the changes if you haven't already.
  • There has been quite a lot of editing to Creature pages done by some admins as well as a couple pages added to the Critters and Friends category.
  • We may be overhauling the wiki some time in the near future: new look and layout for various pages.
  • I know I keep saying this and not doing a damn thing, but I promise we will be giving you more pages soon.

The Last Bullet

I truly do apoligize for not opening any more pages today, or yesterday. I have been busy and things have been hectic and stressful trying to get everything sorted out before our Founder leaves for vaction. I have been left in charge and after things that transpired earlier tonight I got a little stressed out/panicked. Though I am a little happy to say everything ended on quite the high note.Hopefully tommorow, or I guess actually today seeing as it is almost 4 in the morning, shall be quite the big day for the wiki.

An Experiment

I am curious as to how many people actually read these (because they are very important things regarding the wiki). I would really appreciate it if everyone who reads this left a comment. I do not care what it is, just let me know you read it. So little as a simple brown shall suffice.

Quick Edit: So, speaking of brown, do you guys like the new color? I know it is a wierd shade but it is all they had.

Goodbye Creature24 08:54, July 9, 2011 (UTC)