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I thought about writing an extensive blog post about this, but ahh fuck it. this is the chat me and a couple admins had tonight.

[9:04:14 PM] Harrison : as for the two new guys not sur if they gojnna work out

[9:04:50 PM] Michael: why are you not sure if it is going to work out?

[9:05:17 PM] Harrison : Because communicating with them is gettin to be a bitch

[9:05:28 PM] Harrison : if you don't know who I am talkin bout

[9:05:42 PM] Harrison : it is Miningintheaattic and Babysoap

[9:05:55 PM] Michael: i thought one of them might be babysoap

[9:06:26 PM] Harrison : Mining sent me his skype then went offline on the hub and didn't get onto skype

[9:06:45 PM] Harrison : as for baby he is online on the wiki, told me his hub name

[9:07:00 PM] Harrison : I sent him a message, he didn't reply

[9:07:29 PM] Harrison : I sent him a message on the wiki again right after i saw him edit something stil hasn't replied

[9:07:58 PM] Harrison : All the current admins I have been able to talk to extensively, other than this hiccup

[9:08:23 PM] Harrison : some common sense would be helpful in those two

[9:08:34 PM] Harrison : as well as some communication skills

[9:08:43 PM] Michael: ha

[9:08:52 PM] Harrison : :@

[9:10:23 PM] Harrison : If you were not informed I talked to Chilled in the creature talk chat and he said he was willling to help us

[9:10:37 PM] Harrison : To message him on youtube andhe would get back to me

[9:10:42 PM] Harrison : so I messaged him

[9:10:45 PM] Michael: has he yet

[9:11:02 PM] Michael: has he messaged back yet

[9:11:10 PM] Harrison : that was two days ago I believe

[9:11:19 PM] Harrison : :@

[9:11:24 PM] Michael: so he hasn't messaged you back

[9:11:30 PM] Harrison : i wish

[9:12:40 PM] Harrison : I am planning on messaging him again 2night

[9:13:01 PM] Harrison : It was quite the extensive message to type out again thoug

[9:13:24 PM] Harrison : i should really start saving these things

[9:13:34 PM] Michael: Yep

[9:14:48 PM] Harrison : On the admin page w need to be able to add that they need decent communication skills to become an admin

[9:15:02 PM] Michael: haha

[9:16:37 PM] Harrison : I mesaged Baby about 45 minutes ago and asked if he had skype

[9:16:41 PM] Harrison : he just replied

[9:16:46 PM] Harrison : no

[9:16:51 PM] Harrison : How about

[9:17:19 PM] Harrison : mo, but I could download it and make an account if that would help

[9:17:25 PM] Harrison : *no

[9:17:37 PM] Harrison : I am not sure about him

[9:17:55 PM] Harrison : we need admins desperately

[9:18:08 PM] Harrison s: but not that desperately

[9:18:38 PM] Michael: hmmmm....

[9:19:30 PM] Harrison : how old are you

[9:19:37 PM] Michael: 16

[9:19:41 PM] Harrison : me too

[9:19:56 PM] Harrison : I am thining we may have to put an age limit for admins

[9:20:01 PM] Harrison : Tully is 14

[9:20:21 PM] Harrison : I have a feeling babysoap is either stupid or a kid

[9:21:23 PM] Harrison : the night of Creature talk was my first with any of this

[9:21:46 PM] Harrison : by midnight Me and Tully had communicated extensively

[9:21:58 PM] Harrison : I didn't even have skype yet

[9:22:19 PM] Harrison : Can you guess what one of the first things I did was

[9:22:50 PM] Michael: You asked to be an admin

[9:23:10 PM] Harrison : somewhat

[9:23:36 PM] Harrison : I message Tully on the wiki and asked if there was anything i could do

[9:23:54 PM] Harrison : we began talking on the hub then he made me an admin

[9:24:30 PM] Harrison : Also if he hadn't told you he is leaving for a week tommorow morning

[9:24:42 PM] Harrison : he said he'd be back sometime Sunday

[9:26:08 PM] Michael: Yeah, I am probably going on vacation sometime after next week friday

[9:26:19 PM] Harrison : how long?

[9:27:15 PM] Michael: Probably for two weeks and I will most likely have internet access but won't be on it for much

[9:27:27 PM] Harrison : that is ok

[9:27:33 PM] Harrison : if only we had more admins

[9:27:57 PM] Harrison : I edited the admin page

[9:28:00 PM] Harrison Erbes: what do you thik

[9:28:22 PM] Michael: haha

[9:29:10 PM] Harrison : i wish it wasn't a problem

[9:29:38 PM] Michael: maybe everybody thought it was cancelled like what you said earlier

[9:29:59 PM] Harrison : I have talked with all of them extensively

[9:30:12 PM] Harrison : so it isn't htem i am reffering to

[9:30:19 PM] Harrison : the new guys

[9:30:36 PM] Harrison : baby soap still hasn't gotten back to me

[9:31:20 PM] Harrison : I do not think someone should be an admin if they don't know what we want done

[9:31:28 PM] Harrison : Hi Razor

[9:31:31 PM] Razorroms: hi

[9:32:03 PM] Harrison : Me and Micheal were just discussing the new potential( more like no chance in hell) guys

[9:32:10 PM] Razorroms: oh

[9:32:20 PM] Harrison : miningintheattic and babysoap

[9:32:27 PM] Harrison : they seemed great at fist

[9:32:33 PM] Harrison : at first

[9:32:36 PM] Razorroms: ok

[9:32:56 PM] Harrison : go to the wiki admin page for more info

[9:33:12 PM] Harrison :

[9:33:31 PM] Razorroms: looking

[9:33:52 PM] Michael: Oh, on the text document you sent me, you spelt my name wrong, it Michael not Micheal.

[9:34:13 PM] Harrison : my bad brah

[9:34:24 PM] Razorroms: i did too on the spreadsheet

[9:34:46 PM] Harrison : I asked Babysoap of he had a hub account

[9:34:50 PM] Harrison : he tells me it

[9:35:08 PM] Razorroms: i can barely spell micheal like <--- that without looking at the name

[9:35:25 PM] Harrison : so I message him and ask if he has skype

[9:35:39 PM] Harrison : 45minutes later he replies no

[9:35:45 PM] Harrison : "no"

[9:35:48 PM] Harrison : that is it

[9:35:52 PM] Harrison : nothing else

[9:35:55 PM] Harrison : how about

[9:35:56 PM] Razorroms: no

[9:35:59 PM] Michael: what

[9:36:13 PM] Harrison : not right now but I could get it if ti would be helpful

[9:37:00 PM] Harrison : As for miningintheattic it was mostly the same thing except he ha skype

[9:37:08 PM] Harrison : tells me his skype name

[9:37:10 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:37:13 PM] Harrison : then dissapears

[9:37:15 PM] Michael: so

[9:37:37 PM] Harrison : So he doesn't even get the impression that I would like to communicate with him

[9:37:46 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:38:07 PM] Harrison : If he wants to be an admin He needs to have some common sense

[9:38:37 PM] Harrison : and he was online on the hub for a few miinutes after I added him in skype

[9:39:08 PM] Michael: this meeting was a fail

[9:39:14 PM] Harrison : Am I over-reacting?

[9:39:16 PM] Razorroms: was it

[9:39:52 PM] Harrison : this meeting wasn't that big of a deal cause we all other than Michael talked extensively last night

[9:40:05 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:40:08 PM] Michael: so how did you guys find the creatures

[9:40:32 PM] Razorroms: i found out by searching Minecraft Lets Play and found novas video and laughed my ass off

[9:40:51 PM] Harrison : Back in January they were the very last video in the most popular gaming section

[9:40:55 PM] Harrison Erbes: lol

[9:41:12 PM] Harrison : the make the front gamin page atleast once a week now

[9:41:21 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:41:37 PM] Harrison : that was right around the time they started gettin real popular I think

[9:42:42 PM] Razorroms: gosh im talking on here on facebook and on minecraft at the same time now thats what i call multitasking

[9:42:52 PM] Michael: I found them a year and a month ago, when I saw Ze's video in one of the Machinima Respawn videos with Hutch and Sark and then I started to sub to each one over the coarse of the year

[9:43:10 PM] Harrison : cool

[9:43:18 PM] Razorroms: Now who is the funniest creature. My vote goes to sp00n

[9:43:28 PM] Harrison : hmm

[9:43:47 PM] Michael: Yeah, probably Sp00n

[9:43:56 PM] Razorroms: Sp00n is more like my sense of humor

[9:44:17 PM] Harrison : Chilled is quite hilarious when he is raging

[9:44:24 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:44:59 PM] Razorroms: the 2 best groups are ze and chilled and nova and sp00n

[9:45:52 PM] Harrison : So I definitely am thinking babysoap is a no go

[9:45:57 PM] Razorroms: no

[9:46:12 PM] Harrison : no as in no go or no as in maybe

[9:46:27 PM] Michael: tell him he has a day to get his shit together

[9:46:58 PM] Harrison : I told him to get skype 30 min ago and he is still online on the hub but hasn't responded

[9:47:11 PM] Razorroms: will someone make a charlie the gentle creeper wiki page

[9:47:12 PM] Harrison : I get the impression he is quite young

[9:47:20 PM] Razorroms: im young too

[9:47:25 PM] Harrison : how old

[9:47:37 PM] Razorroms: im 12 but mature for my age

[9:47:45 PM] Harrison : well fuck

[9:47:51 PM] Razorroms: what

[9:48:00 PM] Harrison : there goes the admin age limit I was considering

[9:48:18 PM] Razorroms: i mean i understood the gorrila question completely

[9:48:23 PM] Michael: an admin just needs to be mature and have good communication

[9:48:25 PM] Harrison : was thinkin 13 wasn't bad

[9:48:31 PM] Harrison : exactly

[9:48:38 PM] Razorroms: 13 in december

[9:48:45 PM] Harrison : so reliable is what we are goin for here

[9:48:48 PM] Razorroms: yep

[9:48:51 PM] Michael: yep

[9:49:07 PM] Razorroms: and I am relialbe if I can't make a meeting ill tell you before time

[9:49:17 PM] Razorroms: plus i have to go at 11:00

[9:49:30 PM] Harrison : aren't you the one who said he would be late/

[9:49:36 PM] Harrison : razor

[9:49:39 PM] Michael: what time is it where you are razor

[9:49:44 PM] Razorroms: 10:49

[9:50:02 PM] Harrison : btw i am saving this chat and sending it to all the admins

[9:50:06 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:50:33 PM] Razorroms: so to tulley a R3PAWN

[9:50:39 PM] Harrison : should I send it to them on the hub or wait till I get each one on Skype

[9:51:09 PM] Razorroms: well when they get on we can give them a summary of the conversation

[9:52:14 PM] Harrison : I think I might send the entire second half to the ne canidates

[9:52:23 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:52:26 PM] Harrison : *new

[9:53:40 PM] Harrison : or maybe just post it to my blog on the wiki so anyone considering applying to be an admin knows whats up

[9:53:51 PM] Razorroms: yeah

[9:54:16 PM] Harrison : sounds good

I am sorry if you people have decent excuses, but plese communicate the fact that you will be unable to communicate for a while before you decide to up and disappear.

Creature24 03:05, July 9, 2011 (UTC)