• Jammyjam98

    There is a fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility. -Steven Speilberg

    Besides the fact that half the information is an inaccurate pile of rubbish branded onto some god-awful eye-sore of a misguided endeavor at the colour orange, besides the fact that there are no citations needed (despite the fact that it would probably help greatly in attempting to actually get some accurate information), and despite the fact that this is the most unorganized clusterfuck of misguided "information" (I use that word loosely) I am unfortunate enough in witnessing, I might've been able to call this a website worth polishing if it wasn't for the fact that I am actually being censored... for the sake of petty arguing fanbase. Holy shit.


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  • Jammyjam98

    I don't know if anybody will get back to me on this blog post, but I just have a few questions/ comments:

    1. Can we maybe change the background from orange to black and the text from black to white? Orange is kinda painful to look at in large quantities. But I guess black is kinda myspace-sketchy, so it's whoever runs this place's choice. And the brown.
    2. How should we capitalize "the creatures"? Should it be The Creatures, the Creatures, or just the creatures?
    3. Should we/ can we have citation for work so that maybe the information will be a bit more reliable?
    4. Is there a way to report other users for griefing?
    5. Wouldn't it be a bit more appropriate to edit out Gassy in the background?
    6. I'm not understand the forums, honestly.
    7. Could we have a small collec…
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