Hey, Critters! Think I'm all recovered from being burnt out, so time to get back to work.

First things first, adding info to incomplete pages. Some of these are easy, just need to rewatch a myriad of videos to find solid info and whatnot. Others, might as well tack an "article stub" on those if they're too daunting of a task. Myself, I have a few projects I'd like to work on:

  • Converting the Creatures' Current/Ongoing Games' section into a gerenal 'everything they played' section. I don't mind doing this one on my own, though it'll take a lot of sleepless nights and rage quitting from being burnt out. Regardless, it's gotta be done.
  • Completing the Creaturetopia summaries. I started on those a while ago and watched Creaturetopis to its last uploaded episode, but it's been too long since I finished, and I'm behind on that. I'll work on that, unless someone else wants to assist/take over that project.
  • Continuing to find/add information to the Creatures' bios. I've been told from various Critters that some of the bios, like Jordan's, is very lacking/scrubby and needs info. I know a few of us have tried to contact the guys to try and arrange for an 'interview' kind of meet/Q&A type of thing to try and improve the living shit out of the bios, so if anyone can get that going, more power to you!
  • Cleaning the wiki of irrelevant or scrubby pages. There's quite a lot of small, outdated, or irrelevant pages scattered throughout the wiki, and I'd like to get cleaned up so we can be rid of the clutter and disorganization.

Yeah, it's a lot of stuff, it'll be dull and time consuming, and a few of us might just be like "Fuck it, leave this to someone else". But, I've seen from the Creature chats, the forums, and even the Reddit that some people use the wiki for information (surprising, right?), and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside knowing that all of the work we've done actually benefits other Critters. That's my drive to improve the living shit of this wiki, and I'll work my ass off to do what I can until I am burnt out again, but I can't do it alone, sadly. 

These are just a few things I personally want to do, but if any of you have any ideas on what to work on, or want something to be the priority of our work, let myself or one of the other admins know.

tl;dr, Wiki needs shit improved out of it, here's some stuff I wanna do. Stay awesome, Critters! ~Leon

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