Hey Creature Fans!

I'm planning on doing a Creature Comic that will hopefully expand into multiple story arcs. I'm even planning on doing an origin for each of the creature, like for example Ze could be some kind of viking God on a distant planet and one of the creatures hear about him and need his help. What would be awesome is that if this could be some kinda of AVENGERS theme comic, where they are assemble by the climax, since they loved the avengers and even had multiple "Creatures Assemble" Fan Art.

I would love to get some help from you creature fans in creating this origins for each creature, as well as their specific weapons and image.

So far I've gotten help from Youtube:

Ze- Viking Weapon (Axe)

Nova- Katana

Seamus- Shotgun

Kootra- Bow

Sly- Shovel

These weapons might seem silly but remember it's what makes them the creatures. But if you have an even better idea for a weapon then please share it :) I would love to actually make them look BADASS and like real superheros.

Thanks Creature Fans! Hope to get responses and ideas so we can all work together to create an awesome universe :)

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