Well I'm just gonna come out and say it: I've never played a Mass Effect game before let alone new what the series was about. But after watching Kootra's ME3 walkthrough (mind you, he's only uploaded up to part 12), I am hooked. The game so far seems that it is going to produce a gripping storyline filled with some romance [don't care too much for it (not at all) but hey, at least it's not George Lucas-esque], action, and suspense too good for movies as well as solid gameplay and controls. I did some research before watching the walkthroughs and thought the series was close to "Star Trek" in terms of setting and characters, but Creature Shepard is definitely no Cpt. Kirk. Hell, he's not even Spock. He's an action hero in his own right and I look forward to the remainder of Koots' walkthrough and probably Gassy's as well.