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  • 2 Kootra: Jordan Mathewson. Jordan was born in Montana and then moved to Scotland. About five years out of the United States Jordan moved into Colorado. Before making videos, Kootra was a assistant greenskeeper at a Golf course. Kootra began his Youtube career with a few Call of Duty 4 Machinimas. Kootra plays many games such as:
  • 3 Uberhaxornova: James. Nova is a main Creature, He is known for his butt jokes and being a jerk and cursing. James is from Canadia, Canada. ( It sounds funny) The most embarrising thing I have heard James do Is have tons of tantrums. I even heard that he broke his on keyboard?? Anyway, His Co-op career first started with him and Sp00n in Deadrising 2. Months later, he and sp00n did various …
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