The Creature Encyclopedia

Kootra: Jordan Mathewson. Jordan was born in Montana and then moved to Scotland. About five years out of the United States Jordan moved into Colorado. Before making videos, Kootra was a assistant greenskeeper at a Golf course. Kootra began his Youtube career with a few Call of Duty 4 Machinimas. Kootra plays many games such as:

Mass Effect 1-2


Left 4 Dead 1-2

Team Fourtress 2

Counter-Strike and so on.

Uberhaxornova: James. Nova is a main Creature, He is known for his butt jokes and being a jerk and cursing. James is from Canadia, Canada. ( It sounds funny) The most embarrising thing I have heard James do Is have tons of tantrums. I even heard that he broke his on keyboard?? Anyway, His Co-op career first started with him and Sp00n in Deadrising 2. Months later, he and sp00n did various multiplayer series as well as doing some solo videos. He plays games such as:


Call of Duty

Deadrising 2

WWE Games

Techno Kitten Adventure and so on.

Gassy Mexican: Max Gonzalez. Is also a main Creature who is known for his really deep voice. Gassy has revealed he does not live in the Mexico area. He has revealed that he live in Chicago. Max's main hobby is paintballing with other Youtubers at CPX Sports in Joliet, Illinois. On Gassy's Youtube channel his Subscribers are 95,000 + Subers. Max plays games such as:

Bad Company 2

Team Fourtress 2


Left 4 Dead

League of Legends and so on.

ZeRoyalViking: Stephan. Ze started making Machinima a couple years ago and started putting effects in them. ( 3-D effect and other effects). He then got a machinima contract and started showing off his videos on Machinima's channel. Ze has about 65,000+ Subcribers on his YouTube channel. ( what sweet people). Ze plays games such as:



LittleBigPlanet 2.

His Machinima series are such as:

The Greatest Knife Throw Ever

Alpha Zombie

Alien Dope

Enemy AC130 Above and so on.

SlyFox Eddie. Sly started doing Modern Warfare 2 tutorials and showing off his skills, he then got into commentating other games. Sly hit 200k Subscribers on July 23,2011. Everyone must love Sly because he has 285,000+ Subscribers on YouTube. Sly is known for giggling and his attacking of virtual chicken. Sly plays games such as:


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Call of Duty: Black Ops and so on.

Sp00n. Nick. Sp00n started out making randon gameplay/ machinima videos. There were many times where hewould stop uploading and start again. In one gameplay of Minecraft Gassy Mexican, Kootra, and Uberhaxornova.

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