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  • Thedw11

    Hi, people who've come on here might wonder why an admin has returned after this long time. 

    Simple answer: To clean things up.

    I'll be honest, I don't really care about the wiki, I don't think anyone really does anymore. But what I do care about is possibly damaging information that was left behind, possibly too personal to the various individuals  that where part of the Creatures (whether true or not).

    Also we historically messed up when it came to our original big clean up and archive of the pages to prevent post-creature vandalism. My opinion is that there is no need to add anymore to this wiki, and I think it would be better off dead even if the group gets back together in any form. 

    Pages will be fixed, simplified and locked or if irreve…

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  • Thedw11

    So to fill in for those not an admin or not in the Skype chat. Many of the current admins are moving way from the wiki, myself included. I'm not speeking for the other admins but I'll be moving wikis and consentrating on CowChop, SlyFox, SSoH and maybe even the Derp Crew wiki. This really has very little to do with other event, I just don't find the Creature entertaining anymore and this wiki is (in my opinion) can't be fully fix. I'm hoping that the other wikis use sources better then this one. I'm currently admin on CowChop and fownder of the others. If you want to be admin on Derp Crew wiki that would be great because that's the wiki I want to work on most. 

    Dan - TheDW11 (talk) 17:16, April 29, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Thedw11


    April 14, 2016 by Thedw11

    Many of you may notice that I have no clue what's going on with current Creature event and also edit less frequently. This is due to college and a lack of intrest in the Creatures current work. 

    I plan, not to leave the wiki, more so take a back seat. I might be on here from time to time editing the On This Day In Creature History and List of Games played by The Creatures because I really want to make them a thing that people can acsees on the wiki (if anyone wants to help with them, please do). The wiki is a mess, and honestly its something that's going to take ages to fix if at all. I'm letting the other admins make the desitions, I might pop up if its one of the pages from the olden days xD.

    Dan - TheDW11 (talk) 18:15, April 14, 2016 (UTC…

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  • Thedw11

    Ok so there are a lot of pages on the wiki that surve no perpose. Some are friends of Creatures that have very little relivent info (we might as well just link to WikiTube pages/make them WikiTube pages). Some are old SSoH and Sly pages which we can move to the Sly and SSoH wiki. There are other like the livescream charicter that I feel we can make into one page as there are very little info and some actually break our own wiki rules. I'm going to list a few, I'm going to let the admins vote. (other users can have opinions but there vote won't be counted). I will mention this on Skype at some point but people who can not make it please post in coments below.

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  • Thedw11

    Ok so me and some of the other admins when through the pages yesterday (if any of the admins have anything to add then please mention) and this was what we decided on (we did not include employees, girlfriends, Creature hub animators or family):

    We decided that the following should stay untouched on the wiki.

    • Lyle
    • D4nny
    • Paintball Kitty
    • Hellberg
    • Larathen
    • Brother Blake
    • MLG

    • GoldGlove (done as of 10/18/15)
    • IHasCupquake (done as of 10/18/15)
    • Tom Fawkes (done as of 10/18/15)
    • Cryaotic (done as of 10/18/15)
    • Rachekip (move to Slyfox wiki?)
    • MittyMox (move to Slyfox wiki?)
    • Lucieetehgamarh (move to Slyfox wiki?)
    • TheSyndicateProject (done as of 10/18/15)
    • Xcal (done as of 10/18/15)
    • Monstercat (done as of 10/18/15)
    • The Yogscast (done as of 10/18/15)
    • MinecraftWB (done as of …

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